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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On The Doorstep Of Himalyan Queen

> I am sitting on the doorstep of Himalyan Queen train as I jot down this blog post on my blackberry. Aarefa suggested that we should go for our summer vacation to Shimla. This was a couple of days back and here we are on the wondrous toy train from Kalka to Shimla relishing every moment.
> Beautiful wild flowers, heavenly mountain peaks coyly playing hide and seek with one another, cool breeze (the sweater is on) wafting in the face luxuriously, never ending tunnels (there are 103 tunnels on this route and a few of them are realy loooooong; 52 have gone so far), naturally manicured pine trees in abundance and excited tourists laced with their cameras capturing as many Moments as possible. There is a group from South India venturing into Himalayas for the very first time. I've been to Shimla several times before (last being our honeymoon 10 and a half years back).
> The train has stopped at Dharampur, Barog and Solan stations so far. Quaint stations that were built by Britishers (Shimla was the summer capital of India during the British Raj). We ate delicious Kulche Chhole at Barog. An old couple were selling guavas and desi grapes in small polythene bags. The fruits tasted divine (a far cry from the synthetic varieties of Bombay). A middle aged guy was asked by the station master to hop onto the train as it chugged out of Salogra station. He gave a bag to some friend but couldn't get into the train and happily stayed back. The generous train driver, stopped the train; the poor man smilingly got inside a compartment and off we went. No one complained. It's the weather and the innocence of the locals, I guess.
> Aarefa and Insha are enjoying themselves tremendously. They are busy clicking pictures. Wish I could upload a few pictures rightaway. Maybe I will, once we reach Shimla. The internet connectivity in the Ipad isn't working. To be honest, I don't mind it as I just want to dump my mobile, blackberry and iPad at the hotel and enjoy myself with family, away from the relentlessly ringing phone bell. Emails can wait. Time to recharge and immerse myself with Nature. Ufff, love the breeze! Over and out...till later.

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  1. This sounds heavenly Faridoon!! It makes me long to see India some day even more! My retreat here is always the mountains. We go on a big family camping trip once a year and it is something I look forward to all year round. And there are no phones, tv, computer etc... Just the beautiful outdoors, camping in tents and spending time with family. They make up some of my greatest memories! Hope you and your family have a glorious time!

    :) Paula

  2. Ohhh beautiful <333
    Faridoon I wish you a fantastic time in Shimla with your family. Enjoy this wonderful time! You deserve it!!!!!
    *big bear hugs* much love, your Biaji

  3. Yup Paula you shud visit India...do include Shimla in ur plan.....

    Thanks Biaji...

    Yes it's Yay time Margaret :)