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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"I Don't Like The Whole Concept Of Stardom": Aamir Khan

Steve Jobs has famously said that that the most important facet of any big successful Brand is the amount of Trust that people have in that brand. When it comes to Brand Aamir Khan, the People's Trust is immense. Even before the first episode of Satyamev Jayate was aired, everyone knew that Khan will redefine television viewing. One of the tweets that perfectly sums up the first episode came from director Kabir Khan (For an hour this morning, Television stopped being the idiot box). A lot is being said about the show. A lot will be said about the subsequent episodes.

Euphoria's lead singer Palash Sen has alleged that the chorus of the title track of Satymev Jayate is similar to the chorus of a song by the same name produced by his band, a decade ago. I have personally known Palash for a long time now. He is a decent performer but his allegation is false and the timing of the allegation is suspect as well. Check out this video with the choruses of both the songs. It is as different as chalk-n-cheese. What do you think?

When Aamir launched the title track of Satyamev Jayate at a cramped press conference in Bombay, he made it clear that his aim is to 'connect' with people and that he is not looking for skyrocketing TRPs. I had to interview him immediately after the press conference. We met at an unusual place before the interview was about to begin...in a washroom. I was washing my face as Aamir entered. We wished each other and I told him, that once you 'connect' with people,  the TRPs will follow on its own. He smiled. The TRP of the first episode of Satyemev Jayate is a record breaking 8.7 beating all recent opposition by a long margin but most importantly it has raised the issue of female foeticide, which is commendable. 

I watched the first episode of Satyemev Jayate on my iPad while I was on the way from Shimla to Kalka in a Toy Train. The network kept coming-n-going, but both me and Aarefa persisted (one ear phone each). Aarefa is generally ruthless with her opinions. She didn't think much of Kahaani or Vicky Donor but Satyemev Jayate connected with her. Both of us are proud that we are blessed with a wonderful daughter Insha.

Find enclosed the two parts of an interview with Aamir Khan where he talks about the songs in Satymev Jayate and why he doesn't like the whole concept of stardom. Hope you like it.

"I Don't Like The Whole Concept Of Stardom": Aamir Khan

"Satyamev Jayate Is The Most Ambitious Project Of My Life": Aamir Khan


  1. hey sir.... What u expect about ek tha tiger teaser...... Teaser release 11th may ... All r big waiting & You???

  2. Sir, please do a interview with Akshay and Sonakshi for Rowdy Rathore..?

  3. Bhai sahab,

    I recollect seeing that interview on YouTube when you compared the "trust" factor vis-a-vis Aamir bhai & Steve bhai. To be honest, I was stunned because it was so true, I had never thought of this before and your ability to compare these two giants from otherwise different domains was praiseworthy. I am one of those guys (I very rarely watch cinema in the movie halls....with age & responsibilities pata nahin yaar...that ability to suspend disbelief is waning...also, inflation means our budgets are very tight) who watches/follows a product that has Aamir's name associated. Plus, his marketing is equivalent to carpet bombing (no matter how much he denies). My point bhai sahab is that main kabhi bhi paise deke picture dekhne nahin jaata hoon except when Aamir bhai's name is involved...I am a jeeta jaagta namuna of your assessment of the "trust" factor that Aamir bhai has.


  4. Ya sure, hopefully akshay and sonakshi should happen soon...

    Glad u liked it saadat manto


  5. LOL ... First of all, in Indian industry hardly anyone actually tries to do something new and meaningful. And when someone does, 100 namoonay kharray ho jaatay hein koi na koi stupid allegation lay ke... I have heard both songs and i don't see any similarity what so ever except for the word/lyric (satyamev jayate) the Tune, music, feeling & composition is totally different. My point is EVEN if they had ACTUALLY copied the song or composition, i still wouldn't mind cuz the programme is not about SONG or MUSIC, the essence of the show is to educate his fellow humans to open their eyes and minds to the realities of life people are living among us and around us.
    I know haters have started this whole campaign against Aamir that he talks about "truth" but in reality he is charging crores per episode and crap like that... I MEAN COME ON, its his job, he is a celebrity, a known face, if he is getting paid to do his JOB than you should say it about everyone who works and gets paid. He is DOING A GOOD THING, only that one episode opened my brain and eyes, we know so little about whats happening around us, IF he is trying to educate us, what is wrong in that???
    No matter what negative people are saying, i believe this is a really good cause and people should look at the big picture here, and for once come together for these issues and try and be helpful to eachother as much as possible instead of picking on stupid things.

  6. I have no words..Kuddos to Aamir and haters will always hate.