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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Rise And Rise Of Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan truly deserved to win the coveted Best Actress actress award at the National Awards function held in New Delhi yesterday May 3, 2012. What is commendable is that even though she won for The Dirty Picture, the same year had seen another brilliant performance by the same actress in 'No One Killed Jessica'. Vidya's public appearances look extremely chilled out and fun. She laughs and jokes and makes everything look casual-n-laidback. But there is a strong perfectionist streak behind this practised carefree attitude.

During an interview in Gurgaon immediately after a promotional event at Kingdom of Dreams, Vidya stopped me in the middle and requested to take the question again. She ensured, the vivacious laughter is created to just-the-right-degree and the answer carries the panache that she must have wanted. I had interviewed her before the music launch of The Dirty Picture and it was clear that she was determined to push the envelope in promoting the raunchiness of Silk. "If you like sex, I am sex," she said winkingly. It goes without saying that the catchy headline ensured lacs of video views. In fact, she excitedly enquires about the response to her interviews and film's videos each time we meet.

Vidya is one of the few actresses who is smart enough to brush aside the link up stories with an infectious laughter. I had probed her about Shahid during an interview before Paa, and she was unfazed. She enjoyed the entire conversation without being defensive or edgy.

I covered Apsara Awards a couple of years back. After the awards show, the actors were giving common byte to the media. Katrina was giving a byte while Vidya was waiting for her turn sitting on a chair nearby. I exclaimed on seeing her and congratulated on winning the award. My exclamation was a bit loud but Vidya reciprocated with enthusiasm and zest. She loves winning awards and it shows on her face.

Off late, Vidya has been applauded for her marketing acumen. A publicist associated with a production house told me that Vidya lives on coffee while creating awareness about the film and works tirelessly as she promotes her film. In an interview, I asked her if she is apprehensive about the Box Office fate of Kahaani especially because her last release The Dirty Picture is a blockbuster. She was a bit circumspect and replied, "Well, you never know, Kahani may be a bigger hit than The Dirty Picture." The Box Office fate of Kahani proved her confidence right.

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  2. Glad to know you like Vidya as much as I do;-) Only thing, I feel it's high time she's offered a film with either SRK or Aamir before they turn too old to play heroes. Not only does she more than deserves this, but it would definitly be exciting to see such jodis on the silver screen. I would now like to see Vidya in a full on desi masala or melodrama. I hope Karan Johar or Yash Chopra are listening hihi=)
    Laila from PK

  3. I cant remember the first movie I saw her in. Might have been Pa. Didnt know that much about her then. Have seen Who Killed Jessica and I think one other. Anyway it is good to see actors develop their craft.she is one to be dealt with in the longterm.

  4. Margaret u shud see ishqiya, Parineeta, the dirty picture and Kahani