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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Love With...Indian Institute Of Advanced Studies, Shimla

It is cold out here in Shimla. I wore two sweaters and Shopped for a woollen cap and hand gloves as we stepped out of the hotel yesterday evening. We sauntered around the Mall Road and soaked-in the city's aroma. I woke up early today and decided to go for a run. It is not easy running on the hills (specially if you are not used to it). I settled for a brisk walk instead and still broke sweat.

We went for an excursion within the city. Our destination was Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. As we approached the historic place, the road was clouded by a canopy of dense bunch of trees and salubrious air. We went inside on foot. After walking for a short distance, we came to a Coffee House carrying an old world British charm. It was a combination of an eatery-souvenir shop. One can buy books on Indian History and Art. Aarefa had Assam tea while I ordered for a green tea. The price of each was Rs 10/ only. Prices, in general, for almost everything, are very cheap in Shimla.

We went for a guided tour of the historic Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. It was built in 1884-88. It was here that the significant meeting took place between the Indian and British leaders in 1945 to work out the plan for the division of India and Pakistan. There are pictures of Jawahar Lal Nehru coming on a horse for the meeting, besides many pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, Frontier Gandhi Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (he was really tall) and also a picture of the beautiful Edwina Mountbatten (who rumouredly had an amorous relationship with Nehru). Burma wood was used for making the interiors of the magnificent building (never been painted for over a century). There is a Dutch wall clock made in 1827 and it is still working fine. A 124 year old Piano is another attraction. The garden in front of the building is astonishingly beautiful with a wide variety of exquisite flowers. We had our lunch in the nearby cafe (simple food made in Pahari style). I am enclosing this picture of the landscape near this must-visit Institute.


  1. Impressive scenery! Beats the big city every time..looks like my kinda place to be..and I think I would stay for a very long time..lucky you

  2. Yes Margaret I m sure u wd love it...do include Shimla in ur India plan...