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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heroine First Look Promo To Be Launched On May 25

The first look promo of Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine will be launched at an event on May 25 at a Bombay multiplex.

We shall be presenting Mr Bachchan's interview in a four part special feature on May 18, 19, 21 and 22

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  1. Bhai sahab,

    I usually follow your interviews on YouTube. I have a suggestion based on the three (or four) part interview you had of Sajid Khan during the promotion of Housefull 2. The fact that you kept a gap of few days between various parts of the interview meant that there was no continuity of the "theme" (in that case, Sajid bhai & his spiel on Housefull 2). I think you may be losing out on a lot of casual fans because no one is going to check back after a few days to see part 2 of an interview, then wait for a few more days for part 3, etc.

    Have you contemplated uploading all parts of the Bachchan interview at one go, itself? In this way, anyone casually visiting your YouTube channel does not have to sift through all the videos to see the entire interview...or, make a date few days later & remind themselves to see the next part and so on. Ideally, you need to talk to Google India and ask them to permit you to upload the entire interview at one go itself (i.e. videos greater than their 15 minute limit).

    It is jarring to see an interview in bits & pieces, esp. if they are spread over a couple of weeks or so.



  2. Wow. After all the hoopla Heroine has proceeded far enough to release the trailer. 'm curious!

  3. an interview with ranveer singh is always welcome ;D !!