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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Feedback on Talking Films With Ram Gopal Varma

I get a lot of feedback for my work but this email from Lisa Sunkara is special. Thanks Lisa. 

Subject: Talking films with RGV feedback

Hi Faridoon:   Every time I watch u interview celebrities, I notice 2 things, 1. you are the most unbiased interviewer in the Indian journo space. 2. why do you waste your time on celebrities and why not work for a cause. But, guess what, I live far away here in the states, I try to catch up with politics in India and boy it's a mess. so, may be you feel the same too and stay away from it. One more thing, no matter how unbiased you are u sure have a teaser smile while asking Qs and it's a killer. Love to watch u as much as I love to watch ur guests.   OK, coming to u guests,  Ramu(RGV) is my favorite. The 2 of you makeup a good screen:-). I am a mother of 2 caught up in a busy life and some times when my brain cells jamup (which happens very often) I go online and pull up a video of Ramu's interviews. I am an Analyst by profession and unknowingly and deeply analyse anything that comes my way, especially Ramu. I feel like He is made of a very different material than all the rest of us. He truly really answers the Question being asked. Thing is we are soo used to celebrates running around the bush and not answering the asked question, we misunderstand his straight answers. Every time I watch him speak, I feel a sense of comfort and confidence in myself. Live life to live life the way u want to live, is the scense I get from him.   Keep talking to him...:-))   Thanks:-) LSunkara


  1. Yup, I agree too! Ramu is simply someone Bollywood can't do without, no matter if he's had lots of flops lately ;-)

    Faridoon Sir, I would be very grateful if you could give me your rating of Ishaqzaade? Also, did you find the movie better/inferior or equally good than Habib Faisal's previous film Do Dooni Char? Thank you for your answers! =)

  2. Faizan , i'd give ishaqzaade 2 1/2 stars....do dooni chaar is a far far better film

    1. Thank you very much Sir for this honest feedback. To be fair, I expected that a bit as I have been watching hundreds of your interviews and I kinda "know you" and understand your reactions. When you said you found Ishaqzaade "theek thak" during Arjun-Parineeti's joint interview, I understood it meant you had actually been disappointed. I'm a bit sad as Parineeti had managed to arise tremendous curiosity in me when she had stated it was "one of the best scripts she had ever seen" in your first interview with her. Nothing wrong in that, it just shows that she had done her homework well (after all she used to work in the marketing field:). I will watch the film anyway, because I've fallen in love with the actors, the album and the overall look of the film, and I'll try to keep my apprehensions aside. Thank you again so very much, I always value your opinion on films!

  3. Thanks Faizaan for keenly following my interviews...well, parineeti and arjun are good in the film and i am sure any film means different things to different people... so, one should watch a film and make your own judgement whether you like it or not

    All the best!!!!