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Monday, March 26, 2012

Sporting Raghvan, HT Brunch Conversations With Indian Cinema

It is a refreshing change when a director is keen on knowing the negative feedback than the glowing goodies. Interviewed Sriram Raghvan today. I asked him all the tough questions on Agent Vinod, the long duration, the uneven screenplay, gems like 'Yaadon ki baraat ko disturb karne ke liye sorry', lack of chemistry between Saif-Kareena, the Mukesh gem at a crucial point in the film and the edge of the seat final forty minutes. He quoted Hitchcock and reasoned out why the blood didn't ooze out of Kareena once she was shot. A critic called AV a mobile game so how does Srirarm reacts to it and Raghvan genuinely enjoyed the Travel Agent Vinod joke. I am extremely fond of the amiable guy and definitely looking forward to his next film.

I just had a fun evening at the HT Brunch Conversations With Indian Cinema where Vir Sanghvi talked to Sanjay Gupta, Ekta Kapoor, John Abraham, Kangna Ranaut and Manoj Bajpayi. There was Tigmanshu Dhulia too as the talk veered around gangster films. Tigmanshu seemed to be proud of the gangsters of North India since they actually undertook a killing themselves unlike a Bombay ganglord who gave a supari to a small time killer from Azamgarh for bumping off an adversary.

Sanjay Gupta said that he is taking names in his films. A Dawood Ibrahim is being referred to by his name. Gupta also said that gangsters enjoyed all the adulation that they get from Bollywood. Sanghvi narrated an incident in 70s when gangster Haji Mastaan turned an actor and made comedian Mukri sahab turn a director for a film based on Mastan's life. Mastaan put on a wig at the age of 55 trying to play a 22 year old. The film never got completed.

An Audio Visual was showed to the audience where the real incident of the Encounter of Lokhandwala of 1990s was showed (it was covered live by BBC in a first of its kind exercise). There was a snapshot of Shootout At Wadala as well. Interestingly they used the word 'Bombay' in this Audio Visual. Ekta Kapoor's earlier film was called Once Upon A Time In Mumbai as they feared a backlash from certain political groups. It will be interesting how they deal with this true-speak now.

Sanghvi had a hilarious session with John Abraham as John narrated incidents where female fans put their hands inside his t shirt at crowded events and how his bodyguard tells him not to move as the fans may scratch. John also talked about the expletives uttered by his character Manya Surve in the film. A lady in the audience wanted Manoj Bajpeyi to say something. Manoj told her that he has been in the film industry for the last twenty years and that he doesn't need prompting. Manoj also narrated how he had almost packed his bags before the release of Satya. He remembered how the financiers wanted songs inserted in the film and he was made to do Sapne Mein Milti Hai. On a lighter note Manoj advised John that its anyday better for a 6 year old finding John hot rather than an Aunty saying Manoj Ji.

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  1. Where can I listen to your song 'Im A Born Thief;, sir, which is not available on the reverbnation profile anymore. Please reply sir.

  2. Hi Faridoon ! Hope you are doing good. Hope you remember me, ABAB1 twitter handle, Abdullah from Chicago. Good to see Sriram Raghavan's interviews on the website, and really enjoyed it. I am a great fan of his, also showed you the Johnny Gaddar short film I made for my uni fest. Waiting for the other parts of the Sriram's interview on the AV criticism.
    Also, its good to read the nice things you have to say about Sriram Raghavan on your blog, but let me ask have you seen 'Johnny Gaddar' ? I remember recommending you to watch it as you haven't seen it yet. Do it now :-) . Always a pleasure watching your interviews and missing you on twitter. Cheers !

  3. Hey Abdullah, i do remember you. No, i haven't seen johny gaddar yet...glad you like my interviews...