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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bob Biswas, Inspector Rana and Abhi-Ash

I am here in Kolkata for video interviews with Saswata Chatterji (Bob Biswas) and Parambrata Chatterji (Inspector Rana). Both the actors are being celebrated these days because of the phenomenal success of Sujoy Ghosh's 'Kahaani'. I called up Mrs Mohua Chatterji (Saswata's wife) once we landed in Kolkata this morning. I informed Mrs Chatterji that we have arrived and are heading towards Bharat Laxmi Studio to interview Mr Chatterji. Ideally I would have called Saswata directly but the man who has made mobile phone notoriously famous doesn't carry a mobile on himself as he is not keen on keeping a minute by minute account of life.
Once we reached the Bharat Laxmi Studio and as our car was about to halt, I saw a guy with a familiar face sitting on a chair. I meet stars on a daily basis, but here I was star struck on seeing the iconic Bob Biswas. He offered me lemon tea (awesome taste). We spoke for a while about his immense popularity. I showed him the tweets and messages, a testimony to the huge popularity that Bob Biswas has gained on social networking sphere. Terms like 'Nomoshkar' and 'Ek Minute' have gained a mammoth following.

Saswata said that he is confused with this outstanding popularity wave that he is currently enjoying. So, why does Bob Biswas kill? "Well, the way a doctor does operation, Bob Biswas kills for profession. There's nothing more to it." Netizens are saying that a prequel to Kahaani ought to be made based entirely on Bob Biswas. Saswata says, yes there is a curiosity around the personal life of Bob, what he did, ate etc. So, can Saswata Chatterji be a perfect brand ambassador for Mobile Phones and Life Insurance companies?

Later we went to meet Parambrata Chatterji or Inspector Rana of Kahaani. It is difficult to identify him for he was clean shaven while in the film he had a moustache. He comes across as a polished, well educated guy who has a production house, has acted in some successful Bengali films and will be directing his second film by the end of this year. Param spoke about the scene in the film where he develops a fleeting physical proximity to Vidya and its impact on the audience. Param's maternal grandfather is the great Ritwik Ghatak.
A colleague in Bombay called to inform that Mr Amitabh Bachchan and Mrs Jaya Bachchan has sent some sweets and chocolates for me on the auspicious birth of their granddaughter. Thanks Mr Bachchan, Mrs Bachchan and congratulations to Abhi-Ash once again.

I am off to grab a bit more of Kolkata before I fly back to Bombay tonight itself.

Till later.
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