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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aamir On Talaash, TV Show, Salman And Raju Hirani Film

Aamir Khan celebrated his 47th birthday with the media a short while back. This interaction wasn't supposed to have happened since Aamir is shooting for his TV show 'Satyamev Jayte' today. But I guess there were too many requests from various media houses and Aamir relented. A big cake was cut and television and still cameras jostled for space as everyone eagerly awaited to get the best possible angle.

Aamir expressed his happiness on his birthday this year since his son Azaad was born a few months back. He wore a T shirt with Dhoom 3 muscles rippling for attention. Here are a few main points of Aamir's interaction today:

1) Satyamev Jayte will be having 13 episodes and it will be a weekly TV show. Aamir has been working on it for the last two years. He called his TV show as "the most ambitious" project that he has ever undertaken.
2) Talaash had to be pushed as his TV show will be telecast in June. There were no free dates available hence they zeroed in on November 30. But according to Aamir, it can be December 7 as well.

3) Aamir spoke about Rajkumar Hirani's film for the first time. He has liked the script and Aamir would want Raju Hirani to make the announcement.

4) Aamir said that Talaash is NOT a thriller. He calls the genre to be 'Suspense Drama' and he says that no film of this genre has been made in Hindi films in the last twenty years.

5) There was a news stating that Salman wants to charge Rs 1 more than his competitors. A journalist sought Aamir's reaction. Aamir said that Salman deserves much more than that. He also spoke about the talks around Salman's marriage.

6) Vidya Balan is being called the Aamir Khan amongst heroines. Aamir says he would love to work with Vidya and that one should not compare Balan with him. She should be known as Vidya rather than anyone else.

I met a few fans who had come all the way from Pune. They wore T shirts with Talaash stills sprayed all over. Always good to interact with fans of any star. It tells us so much about the devotions of fans.
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  1. well that was a busy day...surprise to me..didnt know Salman was getting married :-0

  2. Hey Margaret, no Salman is not getting married...its only Aamir's thoughts on when and whom Salman should marry...

  3. Oh..lol..I thought that was a bit strange. Well..hopefully life will come full circle for him. How time flies anyways :-)

  4. Thanks Faridoon, Love the friendship that Salman and Aamir share and really respect Aamir a lot. He's a fabulous actor and seems very straight forward and genuine. :)

  5. Thanks Faridoon for posting its always nice to hear your personal thoughts.

    Aamir is so genuine in his manners.



  6. I hope so too Margaret

    My pleasure Paula

    Thanks Sadaf