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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meri Insha, Meri Pyaari Bachchi...A Song For Insha On Her 8th Birthday

'Meri Insha, Meri Pyaari Bachchi' is a song written by my wife Aarefa Faridoon on the 8th birthday of our daughter Insha on March 20, 2012. I have jointly composed the song along with my friend Navneet Kedar. Navneet has also done the music arrangements and recorded the song. I have sung it as well. Hope you like it.

Ek hirni ki tarah kulache bharti hui 
Ek morni ki tarah apne hi rang mein rangti hui
Ek sada ki tarah, dil se nikalti hui
Ek hawa ki tarah khudrat ke saath raqs karti hui
Ek khushi ki tarah dil ki dehleez pe dastak deti hui
Ek hasi ki tarah kisi ke hoton se chalakti hui
Ek nazm ki tarah tarannum ki jheel mein behti hui
Ek ghazal ki tarah tasawwur ke moti piroti hui
Ek subah ki tarah shaffaf shabnam mein nikharti hui
Ek dhoop ki tarah zindagi ki tareeki pe bikharti hui
Ek samandar ki tarah wasih lehron mein lipti hui
Ek junoon ki tarah dil mein walwala bharti hui
Ek sukoon ki tarah khamosh aahat karti hui
Ek tamanna ki tarah dil e aarzoo mein dhadakti hui
Lafzon mein ada karna to mushkil hai
Par kuch aisi hi ho tum
Meri Insha, Meri Pyaari Bachchi


  1. Loved it.... May God Bless Her...

  2. Beautifully written!! Happy Belated Bday to your daughter Faridoon! Happy to know she shares the same birthday as my brother! :-) Hope she had a wonderful birthday celebrations with the family and friends! May god bless her always!!

    Hope you are doing well! Will be heading over to Bombay next month for a few days, let me know if you are not too busy to meet up again!

    Take care :D
    Best Regards

  3. Dear Faridoon:

    Thanks for sharing. That is so beautiful! Wow! Lucky Insha.
    May Allah bless her on her 8th. Birthday and forever.


    Jebeen Aapa

  4. How awesome to write a song for your daughter!! I just think that is an amazing present and even though I don't understand Hindi, I think your wife must be so talented to be able to write these lyrics. I love the musical and lyrical talent that abounds in your family! Just think how awesome your daughter is going to be when she is older :) I'm sure she's all ready on her way to being as talented as her grandparents and parents! I've said it before and it holds true here. What a great legacy! I hope Insha had a fantastic birthday! Only 3 days from mine!! :) Great job on this and thanks again for sharing! :)

  5. happy birthday to Insha from my side

    must say that Faridoon sir is a complete family man

    lyrics were cute n innocent (masoom)

    i like the sharpness of your voice at high pitch range

    i.e. the line "Ek hawa ki tarah khudrat ke saath raqs karti hui"...the line RAQS (vocal emphasis) me ek kashish hai

    your voice could suit and do justice to songs in sufi rock genre or having sufiana touch

  6. Thanks Navneet bhai...you made it special...

    Thanks Priya...always good to hear from you...

    You've been awesome Paula...Happy Birthday to you as well...

    Thanks Jebeen aapa :)

    Thanks Vivek...you've been very encouraging


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