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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Salman's Being Human Photoshoot, Saif's Interview

Doing an interview with Saif Ali Khan is always an interesting experience. I brushed up on a lot of information. He was in an amiable mood (that always helps). He is happy with the response to the promos so far. I told him, i have liked the talkie portions a lot, especially the Vinod Khanna and the Kapil Dev dimension. Saif said that he enjoys the American movies and doesn't really follow the trend in desi movies.

Saif says that Agent Vinod is going to be his widest release. Approximately 2500 screens (unconfirmed). He is confident that the film will sustain beyond monday as well. They are planning a premiere of the film at Eros theater in Bombay (theater yet not confirmed) with the red carpet and the other trappings of premieres of yesteryears. He admitted that he is primarily a multiplex star but with Agent Vinod, he aims to break the barrier and strike a balance between multiplexes and single screens. Agent Vinod will also be screened at Muscat Film Festival on March 25.

Saif said that the name of 'Cocktail' may be changed. He says that they are looking for a Hindi title. It may be releasing in five months time. He is happy with his role in 'Go Goa Gone' (cameo).

I asked Saif about the Taj Hotel incident where he allegedly got into a scuffle with a South African NRI family. He says that he has a gut feeling that it will subside. Was it a publicity stunt?

We did Saif's interview in Mahboob Studio, Bombay. Salman Khan was doing a photoshoot for Being Human at Stage 3 in Mahboob Studio. The Khan-Khandaan was present in full force. Sailm Khan, Alvira, Arpita, Atul Agnihotri, Malaika Arora were there. Anees Bazmi was present as well.

Earlier in the day, I interviewed Mimoh Chakraborthy, Shazahn Padamsee and Zarine Khan.
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  1. thank u 4 shere this news.......:)

  2. Your job is pretty cool! :)

    I'm very curious about Agent Vinod. It took Saif so long to complete it, I hope it'll turn out to be a good movie and do well. Even more so since making an original movie and not a sequel seems to almost be rarity these days :)

  3. Ya even. Hope o Calena...promo look good so far