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Friday, March 2, 2012

Bored In London Paris New York, Shekhar-Tigmanshu Interview

After an invigorating interview with Ram Gopal Varma, I got a call for an interview with Guru-Shishya Shekhar Kapoor and Tigmanshu Dhulia during the special screening of Paan Singh Tomar. I had some time and went to watch London Paris New York. I am fond of Ali Zafar and admire his music but the film was a let down. Here's the text of the SMS that I sent to my team members after watching the film:

London Paris New York is a perfect example of 'fun promos, but boring content in the film'. Director Anu Menon is obviously 'inspired' by some European films that go way above the head of us-mere-mortals. The entire film is filled with high funda dialoguebaazi (mostly in Hinglish and many a times in French too) between Ali and Aditi....no other characters in the film except a fleeting Monty. You've seen all the interesting dialogues in the promos, there's little else apart from that. In fact the entire premise of the love story is absolutely unconvincing. Shot beautifully but the music is strictly average. Ali is impressive with his easy charm but Aditi bores with her relentless 'gyan'. Avoid this self absorbed love story. If you are a die hard Ali Zafar fan, then its your call. Star Rating: 2 stars.

Immediately after watching London Paris New York, I rushed to the nearby multiplex where Paan Singh Tomar screening was taking place. I was told, Shekhar Kapoor is inside the theater and we will get the byte during interval. I watched the first half of Paan Singh Tomar along with my cameraman. Extremely rivetting stuff. Intermission....we rushed out. Shekhar Kapoor came out of the washroom and we were ready with our boom and cameras.

Interview started and Tigmanshu Dhulia joined in as well. I mentioned the Bandit Queen and Paan Singh Tomar connection, especially because of the Chambal setting. Kapoor denied the similarities. Dhulia said that he is glad that his guru is watching the film today. Kapoor praised the writing of the film. Tigmanshu was all praise for the superlative performance of Irrfan Khan. I asked if a film like this can make a difference in the lives of sport stars in India who live a poor life. The realistic filmmaker that he is, Dhulia gave a 'real' answer devoid of sentimentalism. I was tempted to ask Shekhar Kapoor, why he has made very few films since Bandit Queen and what are his future plans, but maybe some other day.
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  1. youve been a busy guy ..again :-))))))

  2. You are busy but have a dream job :) I am dark green with envy.

  3. PS you should check out Shekhar Kapoor's TED talk on TED.com

  4. Thanks Margaret, guess that's the best way to just move on

    Thanks Jasmine, always good to he from you