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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Ram Gopal Varma Interviews Are the Best

It is always special to do an interview with big stars. But to be honest, the most satisfying interviews are the ones where you are not told by a publicist, 'Don't ask any personal questions', or to' wrap it up pronto' or 'ask only about the film'. That's one reason it is always great fun to interview Ram Gopal Varma. You can ask about anything under the sun, and you are assured a ready answer laced with deep thought, wry humour, self admitted conceitedness or deep wisdom.

Some of my best interviews this year will include all the interviews that I've done with Mr Varma. I met him today to discuss his latest passion, the film that he is making on 26/11 Bombay attacks (tentative title: The Attacks Of 26/11). Mr Varma spoke in detail why he is making the film on 26/11. He said that he is not justifying anyone's actions or passing judgement or indulging in Pakistan bashing. 'I am just trying to understand what happened that night and how it took Bombay police, the whole administration by complete surprise. I am trying to understand why Kasab killed a 10 year old kid at CST station. I am focussing on the Human story. I won't go into the NSG operation at all.'

What about media's role in intimating the terrorists about Police plans with their relentless reporting of every available detail? 'No, I am not focusing on media either.'

A famous visual immediately after 26/11 was that of Ram Gopal Varma going to see what happened at Taj Hotel Colaba along with Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh and Ritesh Deshmukh. Media labelled it 'terror tourism'. Many say, it precipitated Deshmukh's resignation as the Chief Minister.

RGV has his own take on what really happened and why media blew it out of proportion. He emphatically says that he is not casting Ritesh Deshmukh in the film.

RGV also spoke on his next film Department. The first look promo is most probably coming with Players and the film will be releasing in late February or early March, 2012. He is also starting a sequel to Ab Tak Chappan in a month's time where Nana Patekar will once again play the main lead. Shimit Amin is not part of the team. There's a new director.

After the interview, RGV showed me the theatrical trailer of Department. Its a hard hitting first look with some smashing moments from Mr Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Abhimanyu, Vijay Raaz etc. Violence is in abundance and it doesn't seem to be everyone's cup of tea. Sanjay Dutt, specially, is looking very impressive After Rascals, Desi Boyz and below par hosting capabilities displayed in Bigg Boss, Dutt seems to be making a solid comeback (I am not a fan of his Agneepath persona). The catchline for Department is: Legally Illegal.

I will try and post the transcript of Ram Gopal Varma's interview here on my blog. He calls 26/11 film as a 'dream' for him. He seems absolutely charged up. As I was coming out, Rommell Rodrigues, (the guy who wrote Kasab...the face of 26/11) came in RGV's room. Rodriguez is contributing a lot of inputs for the film.
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    HE'S MY FAV DIRECTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Waiting for the transcript: do it quickly, please!!!!)

  2. Will do soon Celeste :)

    Have patience


  3. Thanks for this post. I feel, its also because he is honest about anything he says at that particular moment with out any fear, that makes him more special.

    - Naveen Medaram

  4. yes Naveen, i agree... its great talking to him ...

  5. You probably are the only person who doesn't like Dutt's "Agneepath" look. Maybe you should base your opinion after watching the film or even after a full trailer instead of a 2:00 teaser.

  6. Just seen the first part of the interview. Thanks for letting him speak so much. WAITING FOR THE SECOND PART !!!!!

  7. Just seen the second part, too, and realized there will be a third part? Wow! It's truly Christmas!!! :))

  8. Thanks Celeste...there's a third part...will post it soon...


  9. Dear Mr. Faridoon,
    I've just watched the 3rd part but the video stops before the end at min. 6.15. Is it a joke??? Please, do something!!!!!