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Monday, December 5, 2011

Top Gun's 'Mission' Accomplished

Tom Cruise came to India amidst huge fanfare and won everyone's hearts with his dazzling smile and humble persona. In this special video, we bring you highlights from Tom's visit to Mumbai. We bring you shots from the Mumbai Airport, the party hosted by Anil Kapoor at Taj Hotel in Colaba and finally the special screening of 'Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol' held at IMAX, Wadala where the screaming fans wanted to hug-n-click-pictures with the Top Gun superstar. Paula Patton and Anil Kapoor spread their charm. How is 'Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol'? Find out for yourself


  1. Oh great! now you know two Paula's! How will you ever know which one is writing you? Ha ha! :)
    Loved the footage and your opinion on MI4. Have really been looking forward to this movie. Nice to know it's worth the money. You did a great job with this! :)

    take care, Paula

  2. That mustve been a great time for you.Up close & personal. TC def has the charisma & star power to attract a world class audience. Good job Faridoon.

  3. Thanks Paula...nah Paula Patton can't come remotely close to you in warmth and grace so i'll always know who's who :) glad you liked the coverage

    Thanks Margaret, yup Tom Cruise oozes a lot of charm for sure...when he talks to you in a crowd he ensures you get all the attention


  4. Wow! thanks Faridoon! Made my week with that compliment!! Glad you had a good experience with Tom Cruise. :) He seemed pretty down to earth which I'm sure makes things easier in interviewing him.

    All the best, Paula