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Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Who Doesn't Like Women, Don't You Like Women": Dev Anand

"Agle saal (for his birthday) wahi karenge," Dev Anand sahab told me in an interview on his birthday this year (September 26, 2011). Dev Sahab was referring to my statement where I reminded him how the media had celebrated his birthday three years back at his studio (Anand Studio, Bandra) with a lot of fanfare, senior journalists touching his feet. The moment I came to know of his sad demise today morning, I was invariably surrounded by memories of my interactions with Dev Sahab. I have had the privilege of interviewing Dev Sahab thrice. He had shared his memories, his failed love affair with Suraiya, how he felt let down by his muse Zeenat Aman, his views on almost all his classic films, was he banned from wearing black clothes as the girls used to go crazy, his association with Guru Dutt, competition with Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor and much more.

I spoke to Dev Sahab on phone several times. He always said, there's something interesting coming up and we will talk at an opportune time. At no point of time did I see an iota of cynicism or regret. He was always positive and smiling. The characteristic musical movement of the neck and he said at the beginning of one interview, "kya poochna chahte ho, poocho...."

"I Am One Of The Most Destined, Lucky Guys In The Country"

"Main Aaj Bhi Hoon, Kal Bhi Tha Aur Kal Bhi Hoonga Shayad"

"I Want To Excite The World Through My Excitement"

"I Think I Was A Hell Of A Guy"

"If An Idea Strikes You, Grab It, Don't Let It Go"

"Who Doesn't Like Women, Don't You Like Women"

I reviewed Dev Sahab's Autobiography 'Romancing With Life' four years back. Here's the link of that review


Rest in peace Dev Sahab. You will always be around.

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  1. First & only movie I have seen is Taxi Driver..I was truly impressed..what a talent..others have followed suit..