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Thursday, December 22, 2011

"I Like Playing Bad Guy": Shahrukh Khan

I waited for 10 and a half hours. Kept on pumping in the patience gas. There were moments when I felt it won't happen (two interviews were cancelled for Don 2 a few days earlier). Even contemplated going back home. Something kept me going. Our turn came at 10 pm in the night. I was dead tired, quietly went in the bathroom, washed the face and pumped in the fist a few times. I recalled what Naseeruddin Shah recently said in our interview, "when you come before camera you have to give it all. You can't tell people later that you were not good that day because you had a backache." I smiled BIG... and with full vigour and energy, I was ready to interview Shahrukh Khan. Twenty two minutes later, things were fine. A satisfying day at work. Here is that interview in four parts. Hope you like it.

"I Am Not Good at Being Mean"

"I Like Playing Bad Guy"

"Don's Real Name Is Mark"

"I Like Going Back To Germany"


  1. Okay..very well done Faridoon. it is always nice to have a one on one opportunity like that. My only lament is that DON2 has limited release here in the US unlike MNIK and Ra.One. I saw KITES which was closer in proximity to where I live instead of traveling to the other side of the city across to the westside which is about an hours drive. LA is one venue for the 3D version *I found the schedule after some serious Google hunting* But it looks like whenever the DVD comes out for both Ra.One and DON2 I will have to get them. Maybe somewhere in the hopefulness of Hindi cinema it will be more accepted here into the mainstream..Now that would be a miracle indeed !

  2. a great Interview Faridoon!!!!!!!! :) very well.
    I´m looking forward when SRK,Priyanka and Farhan come to Berlin.

    Will you watch Don 2 Faridoon ?

  3. Thank you!
    Can't wait to watch it in Berlin. Hope it will run good in Germany. But I thing Hindi cinema will not be accepted here very well. :)

  4. Hopefully you will have your review up on DON2 fairly soon..been reading a few on Twitter etc..most complain that the music score wasnt the greatest. the action sequences were good..but the story line lacked in places..wait ti read what you think of it..

  5. thanks Biaji, hope guys like it germany too Ebrukush

    yup Margret i've seen don 2...has a few flaws at the level of story and script but shahrukh is very cool...i enjoyed myself

  6. I can imagine it takes a very astute writer to see things that most people miss. As for me I wouldnt know what they are. Put up your thoughts soon.

  7. Don't think it takes an astute writer to see things that most people miss. Vardhan (played by boman irani) enters a high end bank to do some serious business and no one checks his background. He is a criminal who has just broken jail. Its too much of a loophole to overlook. Still, its a watchable film just for shahrukh's super cool mean baddie performance...

  8. Faridoon,

    What you pointed out just goes to show how much people's opinions and the way people watch films varies. I watched Don 2 and I didn't even think about or notice the loophole you pointed out until I read your comment about it. Then again I am the kind of person when I watch a film I don't care about logic at all as long as the film is engaging me. In the case of Don 2, it engaged me so I didn't even notice any logic loopholes like the one you pointed out until you pointed it out or some other review pointed it out. As I mentioned, just goes to show how differently people watch films.

  9. Hello Faridoon,

    thanks a million for sharing this lovely interview with us. Its was very nice to see. And I am so happy you got this chance. So happy for you that you done this informative interview. Unfortunately I can't give you and SRK my reiview to this movie. But what i saw in trailers was simply fantastic. And like I told you once, Hrithik is a part there. Now you know he is in this film as a cameo. Hihi, he was a bit cheating you. But like I also told you, it was cute to see him and Priyan to dance the DON walze. I really hope to see me there a bit.

    Now, we all can't wait for your next interview and new news abt him. Whenever it will be, it will as wonderful as this one.

    PS.: I loved the one abt us Germans. Hope to see him in Berlin.

  10. Kevin don 2 is a fun film...Shahrukh is fantastic...but it could hav been tighter and yes music is weak...

    You were right Yvonne