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Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Shahrukh Is Extremely Popular": Farhan Akhtar


  1. The first movie I saw with Farhan was Rock On and I dont even remember at this point how I came to find it. It is an amazing movie.
    Don2 has entered All involved in the running I think for alot more than they expect to find.
    As for SRK bike riding with his daughter I think riding that motorcycle down the straightway for the movie has triggered or awakened a new sense of freedom in him ..that bug bites often.
    Well done interview..

  2. Almost forgot..in the remake 310 To Yuma with Russell Crowe there is a scene between Christian Bale and him relating to his (Crowe's character Ben Wade's mother) he says that his mother sat him down at a railway station and told him to read the Bible while she went to buy tickets. He says she never came back and he finished reading it in 2 days. So as for the reference Don made to his mother it is similar maybe.

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