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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who's The Best Action Hero In Bollywood?

Posted On September 25th: So, who's the most daring of Action Heroes in recent times? Is it Salman Khan (Dabangg, Wanted, Veer), Hrithik Roshan (Dhoom 2, Jodha Akbar, Krrish), Vivek Oberoi (Shootout At Lokhandwala, Prince), Shahrukh Khan (Don), Aamir Khan (Ghajini), Akshay Kumar (Singh Is Kinng), Saif Ali Khan (Race), Sanjay Dutt (Zinda) or Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey)? Or is someone else? Share your thoughts and substantiate your claim with video links of your favourite action sequences. But make sure that you choose from films post 2005 so that we can assess the action heroes of recent times. I shall pick the best answers and include it on a Blog Post on Monday morning...Time for some 'Action' folks :)

Posted on September 27th: Well, I have tried to include all of the tweets that I've received on 'Who's The Best Action Hero In Bollywood Since 2005?' in this blog post. Let me make it clear that I've taken responses ONLY from people who are following me on Twitter and no where else. It is quite apparent that Salman Khan's 'Dabangg' wave is super strong as he emerges to be a clear favourite. There are many answers in the Comments section as well so do check them out. You guys can continue posting your views in the Comments section.

1) @cukkdooocooo616

@Faridoon_S Well i think Vivek Oberoi is definately the Best Action Hero...since 2005. (Shootout At Lokhandwala and Prince)

Shootout At Lokhandwala was one of the amazing performances of VO as an action hero. He potrayed a real-life character and delivered some superb action scenes which were daring and looked as if he was the real Maya himself :) He brought out that negative streak so well with great intensity. Loved VO in SOAL!

Link of my fav scene from SOAL---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UArNiCAx8dc&feature=related

Prince was a very fab movie which had him perform extreme action sequences, taking action into a new level. He did some daredevil stunts like hanging off a chopper at 8000 ft. high in the air, jumping from a 32 storey building from a ramp kept across another 28 storey building with 60ft main Durban road in between. And moreover skateboarding where he was going on the opp direction with cars coming from the other side...without a head gear. This was very risky as on losing the grip one can fall backwards and hurt the head. Also fighting on an upturned SUV in the midst of raging river rapid in the Himalayan ranges...some very unique and dangerous action scenes. He was awesome as an action hero as he was able to pull off all these phenomenal stunts all by himself without using a body double.

Link of the amazing extreme action scequences in Prince---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0dVxk-c__c

Really he potrays every character be it of any genre with true dedication, hardwork and brings out the bestest of himself :) VO is an Amaaazing person!!! :)

~~~ Falguni

2) @iHRColombia

@Faridoon_S the best action Hero is Hrithik!!

3) @iTriisha

@Faridoon_S Hrithik Roshan. No doubt on that. He is not only the Best action hero but is the best actor for any kind of movies

4) @rahulnsingh

@Faridoon_S I think SRK is probably the best in sophisticated action sequences. While Salman is best for the OTT action scenes.

5) @fearlesssoul

@Faridoon_S Faridoon bhai. Ye kaisa ek tarfa topic chunliya. Obviously Salman Khan. Aapko 2010 se poochna tha atleast. competition hota

6) @Fatemeh__

@Faridoon_S Shahid Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi

7) @m_a_ali5

@Faridoon_S Tie between Sanjay + Salman, Sanjay an edge higher.

8) @isharkface

@Faridoon_S Salman khan hands down for me :))

9) @aury_941

@Faridoon_S best action hero:Akshay Kumar. all we know what he can make ;) . Singh is kingg,tashan,CC2C ecc. wow :D #1 one and only

10) @cuteshrishti

@Faridoon_S ok my shahid & sallu were bst in action

11) @tk_towhid

@Faridoon_S best action hero is salman loved him in dabaang after him i guess akshay hes cool! :)

12) @PinkyloveSRK


13) @sashamylove

@Faridoon_S i cn only c salman in this who did action

14) @SRK_FRK

@Faridoon_S srk don

15) @sashamylove

@Faridoon_S its salman dabang was awsome sorry @shahidkapoor

16) @Srk_Fan25

@Faridoon_S..Srk rocked in Don..Since Hrithik has done Dhoom 2 and Krrish..He became a stylish man..

17) @HaneenAliKhan

@Faridoon_S SRK SRK SRK & always SRK

18) @salmanmyjaan

@Faridoon_S Undoubtely Salman is really the LAST ACTION HERO as mentioned n DABANGG trailor too..his expressions n action looks real..

19) @dagnyfan

@Faridoon_S John Abraham in NY. Makes me realize he should do more as I think it would suit him perfectly! Action hero material for sure!!

20) @rube80
@Faridoon_S IMO Akhshay is the best Indian action hero but lately he's mostly done comedies! Films like Wanted, Dabangg & even Veer r very very good in terms of action!l, hence post 2005 it's undoubtedly Salman

21) @with_an_idea

@Faridoon_S I guess it's Salman for the moment because I like raw action and Wanted and Dabangg action sequences are definitely raw

22) @aishwarya21fan

@Faridoon_S Best Action Hero :Hrithik ( Dhoom 2 + Jodhaa Akbar )!:)

23) @salmanxsonakshi

@Faridoon_S Salman Khan is da real and onli action hero

24) @saylove143

@Faridoon_S the best action star is undoubtedly Salman khan..

25) @DanielaXII

@Faridoon_S There haven´t been any good action movie in BW lately. A good sport movie would be Lahore. SI boys would kick BW a....! 4 gud action you need well prepared actor, stuntmaster, director who knows how to film it & good editor. BW missing some of them

26) @Thea Galdava Thekobeko

@Faridoon_S Salman from wanted, veer, Dabbangg (Karanarjun, Veergati, tumko na bhool payenge etc.)

27) @Salmankhanplace

@Faridoon_S Kamal Kartai Hu Bhai Faridoon ofcourse Salman Ji unkai Match Ka Koye Nahi Hai Baab

28) @chan497

@Faridoon_S @Ajaydevgn the real Action hero

29) @Bein_HriThiKiaN

@Faridoon_S Hrithik hrithik hrithik

30) @swathifirst

@Faridoon_S its salman khan for sure..

31) @akidiott

@Faridoon_S hahahahah funny man, i think Salman is great in action nowadays

32) @ShaimaSK

@Faridoon_S Faridoon bro ofcourse Salman is the best action hero, can't 4get Wanted, Veerghati, Karan Arjun, Dabangg and other super movies

33) @iAnuj_Hrithik

@Faridoon_S u missed the biggest action hero of the decade!! Yep,thats hrithik,in 2006 he acted in movies lyk krrish,D2 and in 2008 in JA!

34) @iam_ellie

@Faridoon_S SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK!!! best actor since 20 years haha @iamsrk :)

35) @AnnelieseMareia

@Faridoon_S It's clear ... @iamsrk in DON

36) @reachpraty

@Faridoon_S salman is the best action hero

37) @SaanjT

@Faridoon_S Shahid ofcourse lol after kaminey :)

38) @radhiah94

@Faridoon_S do it.. so the best action hero for me goes to Shahid Kapoor for his brilliant performance in Kaminey:) love you shahid!!

39) @DabanggAziz

@Faridoon_S Obviously "SALMAN KHAN" 4 portrayin Radhe,Veer n my fav Chulbul robinhood Pandey in his unique panache..No comparisions at all.

40) @BeinG_HriThiKiaN Bein_HriThiKiaN

@Faridoon_S Hrithik roshan. No doubt in that

41) @ingrid diwali I wouldn't name Sanjay Dutt for Zinda but for Dus, Shootout At Lokhandwala and hopefully soon for Knock Out http://bit.ly/9FN9tf

42) @hrithikdbest

@Faridoon_S Hrithik Roshan for #Krrish #Dhoom2.He performed the most dare devil stunt in these films. Even in JA Hrithik's sword fighting scene was mindblowing. Such action only he can performed. Hrithik is the best.

43) @UsmanSolo

@Faridoon_S No doubt is Salman Dabaang!

44) @nicekp4u

@Faridoon_S Shahrukh khan for DON .. (fav scene => mujhe uske joote pasand nahi aaye) ;) The most stylish and dynamic action hero, DON , whose every action and looks were unique and smart with smart thinking @iamsrk

45) @HaneenAliKhan

@Faridoon_S the Best Action Hero since 2005 #SRK @iamsrk 4 sure

46) @Srk_Fan25

@Faridoon_S..Srk (Don) Hrithik (Krrish) (Dhoom2)

47) @Atharluvsrk

@Faridoon_S SHah RUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukh @iamsrk :)



  1. Neil Nitin Mukesh for Johnny Gaddar, AA Dekhien Zara, New York and Lafangey Parindey

  2. wen it comes to actions der is always one name arrises..its 1 n only khiladi akshay kumar...his action movies after 2005 are singh is kinng,tashan,chandni chowk to china,8x10 tasveer,and blue..!!though only singh is kinng become superhit n all other movies didnt work very well but the action sequences in movies are just awesome...!!!

  3. the quality of ghazini and don is far superior but quantuty matters and its wonderful to see how salman has changed his image to an action hero with dabang wanted and veer

  4. akshay kumar has nod done any action worth mentioning apart from action replay:)

  5. Salman Khan! Though even Akshay is good but doing a overdose of comedy lately. Salman's natural attitude is very action oriented. Uske Baat Mein Dum Hain Boss!!!

  6. The personality of the star preceeds the action. People should feel " This guy is capable of beating up 20 men or is very skilled in non hand to hand action" Look at Wanted and now Dabangg, you can feel the adrenaline in you when you are watching it. From the start you get a feeling that Salman is right for the Action. Akshay has not done any action in recent times singh is king is almost a full fledged comedy and there is not much action. Ghajini was good due to aamirs buffed up personality. Shahid , Saif, Sanju and Shahrukh's personality dont go well in action which is usually vey stylized (feels like actors acting)like although they are good in other things. Last Action Hero - Salamn Khan

  7. Salman Khan - Wanted and Dabangg... too good.. style in the character.. substance in the action sequences..

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxm4KcKDQl0&feature=related

  9. Post 2005, we saw countable action movies. Even the ex action heroes, Akshay Kumar, Sunny Deol and Sanjay Dutt were seen keeping distance to action genre. It was because of various reasons; the primary one can be introduction of hollywood movies to Indian market on a larger scale. Now Hollywood movies have set the standard too high for Indians to impress the audiences with action stunts. Indian action movies often lift the action sequences straight from hollywood flicks and end up being cheesy! Secondly, Audiences prefer comedy and family oriented drama, the latter being the forte of indian directors. In such circumstances, only one actor has managed to pull audiences to the theartes in action flicks. Be it Super Hit Wanted or average Veer or the latest all time blockbuster Dabangg! Yes its none other then the latest angry young man of indian film industry-Salman Khan. He has always managed to pull off the action flicks in recent years and even before. No doubt there have been few nice action movies like Kaminey, Race, Zinda and likes, but one has to admit that as far as entertainment quotient is attached to action movies, no one has delivered it better than Salman Khan. Many might argue that action in his movies is over the top, well wasn't it so in Die hard, the transporter, X men or any other action flick! The audience that often says Indian action is over the top, to me is being hyprocritic. When we can watch a woman fighting with tens of fighters in Kill Bill and still applaude the action, then why can't Salman khan do over the top action sequences? The only thing that matters in action scenes is entertainment and he has delivered it time and again! Post Wanted Salman khan is a different and definately a better Salman khan. Hail to our new action hero!

  10. the original he man dharmendra has a special affection for salman and salman's carrer has found new lease of life by following into his mentor's footsteps.Dabang is salman's tribute to Dharmendra

  11. No more comments of sallu's action. He is Awesome, outstanding , briliant etc.

  12. SALMAN He is the last action hero in bollywood and everybody know's his action just say awesome

  13. Another thing I forgot to point out is hrithik who is good in action and among all the other actors mentioned above (except for salman ) he would be the best( or rather second best) especially in stylized action such as dhoom in kkrish. What I want to see is Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan in one film. That would be a feat . I wish Rakesh Roshan would cast Salman Khan in Kkrish 2 as the villian which we have never seen and the clash of these titans would be a blockbuster. After all Salman was the one to help Hrithik with his body when the world did not know he even existed.


  15. Salman Khan - Last action hero for Character in Dabangg - Wanted - Veer
    social side to help ppl
    to fight as One - Arm - Armee in each 3 films
    would no miracle if he bring also home Oscar ...

  16. Its not about only beating up 10 guys.. Its about looking cool, carrying tough look and doing all this in non-violent manner.. Its only SALMAN.. He rules.. Forget Wanted Dabangg.. Remember KARAN-ARJUN,JEET,PAthar ke Phool wala days.. YESS he is awesome.. True Action Hero

  17. let us have a nice healthy recipe of action hero
    tomato soup..
    red tomatoes....thats salman gorgeous dashing looks
    pink onions... thats salman...wrinkle free skin and clear skin look
    garlic.. his spicy dialouges
    mixture of them...thats salman easydialouge delivery easy acting command grrrr done thats salman relish the tomato soup thats again salman tough acting voracious body build now ok enjoy.....

  18. Undoubtely Salman is really the LAST ACTION HERO as mentioned n DABANGG trailor too..his expressions n action looks real..

  19. I think its useless to discuss the topic when you know the answer. Salman khan by far exceeds in the list. If you consider from last 2 decades or from last decade then one can comment. Obviously some die hard fans put their fans name upfront even before listening to the question.

    Its not over the top action. Over the top action are seen in Hollywood. Salman khan has not shown throwing away cars, catching missiles, hitting helicopters with parts of stone, jumping from above thousands of feet into water from waterfalls, killing 100's of people in 2 mins action sequence without hurting himself..

    Answer you know it and I would not like to repeat it because the topic itself is one sided. if it is from last decade then there would be comparisons.

  20. I hate Action Mowies. I hate frightening, freezing & brutal macho behavior. But I love Shah Rukh Khan in Don. Even though that he represents the incarnation of evil, he procreated a feeling of warmth . A hero with charme, humour and with a twinkle in one`s eye. Simply great !!!

    Dear Faridoon, have a great sunday!

  21. salman khan action are fake, anyone who hits someone and then they fly accross the air is just funny and total camera work, now I give u guys can any other bollywood hero fight like that?


    AKkki please do or remake ur own action films of 90s, and put these wannnbe fake action heroes to their place.

  22. Yeh Bhi Koi POOchNe WaLi Baat Hai...?...
    OfcOUSre SaLMan KHan.....Hez Da LAst ActIOn HEro Of BollYwOOD N Onli RoXsTar Of FiLM IndUStrY....Chahe Wo WAnTEd Ho Ya Veer Ho YA DABANGG...HinDusTAn Ki AUdIEnCe NE SaLMAn Ko PAsaND KIya HAi Aur YAkEEn KiyA HAi.....YaKEen NAaa HAi Toh POOre HiNdUstAN Se PUcHLO...

    @farHAd HoLLYwOOd K AcTIONs Me AAdmi Fly Karey TOH AMAzNG AUr BoLLyWOOd Me KAreY TOH FAke.....HAhaha...Lil Boi..lol

    Ab Aur KOI DiscUSSn NAhi...BAs SALMAn KHAn Hai Har ZuBAAn...

    SAllu ROX....\m/

  23. sallu bhai hai boss!! kamal karte ho yaar!! isme poochne ki kya baath hai!!

  24. No Doubt one & only SRK is the Best Action hero he does not have to remove his shirt & show his body and fight like other Actors he is so natural in his every fighting sequence be it from Bazigaar,Anjaam,Josh,Asoka,or Don he is outstanding in all his action scenes.SRK is the ultimate Natural Action Actor.

  25. Best actor is hrithik roshan in dhoom2,krrish,jodhaa akbar

  26. hrithik roshan in dhoom2,krrish,jodhha akbar

  27. all u mad people when some one does action you should feel u are doin it because of the feel the actor gives... and this only SALMAN KHAN can do.. he killed it in wanted veer and DABANGG.. not pale srk not monkey stunts of akki or cable rubbered guy hrithik... SALMAN IS THE LASTACTION HERO OF BOLLYWOOD NO ONE CAN MATCH HIM.. SALMAN IS BEST ACTION HERO OF THE DECADE. SALMAN KHAN ROCKS. DABANGG BLOCKBUSTER. CHULBUL PANDEY

  28. THE man Salman Khan!! Hands down the best in my very humble opinion! :)

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