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Monday, September 20, 2010

Kareena Kapoor's 30th Birthday Wishes

Posted by me on September 20th 2010: Guys, its Kareena Kapoor's 30th birthday tomorrow (21st September). So, what is your favourite film of Kareena? What do you think of her as a person and professional. What kind of a couple does she make with Saif? What is the favourite scene enacted by Kareena (send in youtube links of ur favourite scenes). Have you made any videos for Kareena? Have you made any card or sketch for Kareena? Send it all. Will compile the best answers, links and messages in a Blog Post and put it up on Twitter tomorrow morning.

Posted by me on September 21st 2010: "Main apni favourite hoon," says Geet. And you are left stunned how can one be so full of life. Kareena Kapoor's performance in 'Jab We Met' is one of my all time favourite performances by any actress. In fact when you guys will watch the long interview that I did with her for 'Golmaal 3' you shall see how much we've spoken about JWM. I am embarassed to admit but I almost behaved like a fan when I talked to her about JWM and pleaded her to con Imtiaz Ali into working with her again (Kareena is a director's actress. And Imtiaz gets the best out of female actors in Bollywood today).

As she celebrates her 30th birthday today, I've tried to get comments from her fans. Many of you have sent their wishes. I have tried to take most of them. They are listed here below. And some have been jotted down in the comments section. So, feast on all the detailed analysis, lovely cards, memorable scenes, favourite films...only of Kareena Kapoor. Its her day...make it special...for her...and yourself! And yes keep adding your comments below...

1) @baijujoshi1

@Faridoon_S Many Many happy returns of the day 2me Fav. actoress Kareena Kapoor !

2) @aury_941

One and only: Kareena Kapoor.
Happy Birhtday Bebo !!!!!!!!!!!!! «-♥♥-«

she's a sunshine :D . my love and support for bebo was in the first time i saw her. she's outstanding, mind-blowing,fantastic! watching her photos is the same since when she was little. Her movies makes happiness and her smile make a smile on face in every fans.
acting is important for her and on-screen she's wonderful. i saw all her movies: ALL AMAZING! also if some were not good at BO they are gr8! she has always choose movie that had script and not for make good them at Box-office.

i love her attitude and behaviour. she's sincere. she's so interesting in her interview. she talks about everything and she's absolutely not a boring person . you can not be tired of kareena . :)
i like so much the fact that the family is important for her and is a person that believe in god.
All her movies are amazing. my favorite are:
-Omkara,Jab We Met,Ajnabee,Kyon Ki,Dosti,Tashan,Golmaal Returns,Bewafaa,Yuva,Main Aurr Mrs Khanna ,KI ,3 idiots ecc. WOW!

i love this songs :
- "omkara-O Saathi Re"

- "Bewafaa - Ek Dilruba Hai"
(how romantic)

all the song rocking!! : it's rocking,marjaani,yeh mera dil,bebo,om mangalam remix,chaliya,kushi, dulhania ... too much songs to wirte but i love all of them :D

all the best bebo , be the same person that you are and not change for people opinion. i love you for how you are. :)
is also my B-day and every time is magic think about you.

♥♥ AUGURI !!!!!!! ♥♥

3) @SaanjT

@Faridoon_S I think kareena was amazin in Chameli :) By faar the best acting by her .Loved her in K3G too as the role suited her to a T

4) @Arvin_K_DwaL

@Faridoon_S Loved her most in WAF! Not juz cause it's her latest release, but Bebo was juz outstanding here. She's confident, bold & classy! She's 1 person who can literally wear a garbage bag & rock the look completely.Even if the mv flops,she shines! She's got it all.

Kareena, WAF : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3rexK6IYuk

Salman w Kareena & Karishma : Both sisters lookin fab! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37Zr2Vuf3Pc

5) @radhiah94

@Faridoon_S my fav film of kareena kapoor always be JAB WE MET..love her as geet..she def deserved that best actor award,,the way she carried her character was mindblowing..b4 JAB WE MET i always said kareena always over do it her character but not in JAB WE MET. she was superb in that film.. and the graft of her acting skill since JAB WE MET keep increasing but i JWM is her best film. till now..kareena as her person is loud!! she will just say what she feel right in your face and i like her for that..

6) @Ingrid_Diwali

@Faridoon_S Kareena's best performance was IMHO in Chameli where she proved her acting skills. Great film, also for Rahul Bose. :)

7) @anuparno

@Faridoon_S my fav film of kareena jab we met,chupchupke,fida,omkara,chameliand above all 3idiots

8) @MsChiChi

@Faridoon_S film: dev. As a person: too arrogant & cocky for the mostly shitty films she's in

9) @alekya92

@Faridoon_S My fav Bebo turns 30 tomorrow. i love her to death and can't c beyond her. she's sexy n innocent at d same time. my favs of hers' r Kurbaan, Dev, Yuva, Yaadein, JWM. i wish her health, prosperity and lots of success.Saifu n her d cutest.

10) @aravishiva said:


My Favorite Kareena Characters!

Well, being a self confessed Kareena fan, I would love to talk about my top 11 Kareena Characters, and why , I've created this list by awarding points to each performance on the scale of 10. That point is also shown in bracket.

11) POO - Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (7.8/10)

Well, poo was her first successful character and most popular for that matter. She was this teenage spoilt brat who wouldn't like to wear dress at all :haha: Her comic timing was really good in this movie. People either hated or loved her, but nobody could ignore her, which told me that the character worked big time. She's funny at the same time irritating as POO(or Pooja), but she could never fail to evoke amusement.

10)Kaurvaki - Asoka(8/10)

User posted image

She looked so beautiful in this film. Infact, such attires look best on her. She acted the role of an arrogant yet soft princess. I can watch this movie 100 times again just for Kareena. Though the clothes were revealing, the kohl eyed look and slim body didn't make her look vulgar at any point, she had to be sensous at many points, be in the 'Raath Ka Nasha' song and 'San Sanana' song, but nevertheless she could hold the aura and sophistication required for a princess. It's too marvelous to look at the love struck face of Kareena. Her classic beauty was best captured in this movie I guess. Just for looks, I would give 9.5/10 for this movie.

9)Nazneen - Refugee(8/10)

Well, I fell in love with Kareena because of this movie. Nobody could believe that it was her debut movie. She acted like someone who has been in the movies for too long. She didn't have much make up in this movie. She played the role of a simple muslim girl, who doesn't even wear much jewellery. So, her face and eyes could create an ever lasting impact with this movie. We all love classic indian beauties, be it Madhubala, Meena Kumari, Rekha etc. They were not judged by their body, but rather judged by their face, that too not the external beauty, but their ability to express love on their face. That's why we called them classic beauties. You need nothing else, their face is more than enough. You can look at their poetic expression for too long. Their face reflected love, pain, coyness, grace and strength. in the 90's we had Madhuri and Kajol with such radiant faces. Indians could look at Kajol's deep eyes for hours and we could also destroy ourself at Madhuri's killer smile. Then we have been waiting for a heroine with that kind of an appeal on the face. And one fine morning, Kareena came before us with her nazneen. Have a look at her expressive face, you will know what I mean.

and let's reminisce some of the classic beauties of Bollywood, just with a magical face, deep eyes and sorrow on their face made us look at them for hours... and say "god, what a beautiful face..". Madhubala and Meena Kumari are the biggest examples

8 ) PIA - 3 Idiots (8.1)

3 Idiots was out and out a boys film. That everybody knew from start, because '5 Point Someone' was a well read book in India. However, the director, rajkumar hirani was kind enough to present Kareena in a performance oriented role in this film. She looked quite good with Aamir. She looked extremely beautiful in the wedding attire.

7)Avantika - Kurbaan (8.4)

She played this strong willed character Avantika in Kurbaan. She portrayed the helplessness and struggles of that character extremely well on screen. She realizes that her husband is a terrorrist, and from that moment her life is a horrifying experience for her. How she copes with her difficult situation, that's what the rest of the film, and kareena was effective throughout with her eyes conveying a thousand emotions.

6) Aaliya - DEV(8.7/10)

One of the most powerful character ever on Bollywood celluloid. She was the victing of the riots and she's not afraid of giving a testimony against those people ignited this bloody riot. There are few powerful scenes where she sparkled on screen even in front of Amitabh bachchan and Om Puri.

I loved her simple looks in this film, as I always want to see her in de-glam avatar so that I can see her radiant face and eyes more clearly.

5) Dr. Tanvi - Kyonki(8.8/10)

Well, Priyadarshan is my favorite director and Kareena's favorite too as she always wanted to work with him. He's known for presenting his heroines in most beautiful getup in his films(Mani Ratnam too is known for this). I've been waiting for them to do a movie together, and finally they did the hit comedy Hulchul. Kareena had nothing much to do in that movie, then they came up with Kyonki, which was a remake of Priyadarshan's malayalam film talavattam(which was again inspired by One few over cookoo's nest). Kareena had ample scope to be expressive in this role of an asylam doctor who falls in love with the patient. She looked quite beautiful in a saree. On the look wise, will give 9.5/10 for this one too. Unfortunately the film flopped, doesn't matter, the movie was good, well a tragic love story for that matter.

4) Geet - Jab We Met (9.1/10)

Well, people just loved Kareena's character in Jab We Met. Infact Kareena's most loved character, and she's considered as number 1 with the release of this movie. Geet was so lovable as a character, and she could play geet to the perfection, all the praise and awards vouch for that fact. People said, "Jab We Met did to Kareena what Kuch Kuch Hota Hai did to Kajol". That was true.

3)Mira - Yuva (9.2/10)

Well, being a Mani Ratnam heroine is every actresses dream. Not only does he make them look like dream, he also presents them in most powerful roles. All his heroines are powerful and at the same time hopelessly romantic. Same happens with Mira. Though kareena had tough competition from Rani and Esha deol in the same movie, he held her role very high in terms of performance. Mira was constantly fighting for her love, the one who she loved wasn't a perfect husband/boyfriend material. He wasn't serious about life, he was irresposible and he was flirtatious; and Mira had to fight all these if she ever wanted to be with him, and she successfully accomplished her goal at the end. Kareena was fantastic in this role. One of the most natural and restrained Kareena performance ever.

2)Dolly Mishra - Omkara (9.3/10)

Well, what else to say. Look wise I would give 9.5/10 again for this movie. She looked amazing in this movie, after all, Othello's desdemona was one of the most beautiful women and her beauty lead to her destruction. Rightfully, Vishal Bharadwaj presented her in such light, she turned out to be an irresistable beauty with poise and grace. The climax and the one scene where she pours her heart to Konkana remains my favorite. Well, she can proudly show this film to all her grand children, as she quoted once.


1)Chameli - Chameli (9.4/10)

A prostitute with a heart of gold, we have seen julia Roberts in Pretty Women in such a role, and she became America's sweetheart over night after the movie. Here Kareena couldn't be that because Chameli wasn't a big hit, but those who have seen the movie will realize that she was extremely lovable.

The bright colored saree and blowse and over the top make up of a street prostitute only added to the beauty of that character. She was so lovable, as she meets this business man on a rainy night, and they are forced to spend time together in a bus stand. The movie depicts the happenings of that one night, their encounter with police, and her pimp who forces her to sleep with an aids patient. The businessman played by Rahul Bose realises that behind that tough avatar she's an extremely lovely girl and she is dealing with a thousand problems in life. Yet, she's happy, she's not whining about her troubles. He falls in love with her character towards the end...but they go seperate ways in the morning because both have to live their life.
Kareena's character was one of the best characters ever written for a female protagonist in Hindi cinema. Chameli wasn't hard hitting, she was playful and funny, at the same time strong, an extremely complex character, which Kareena played to the perfection.

11) @Shahid_Fan

@Faridoon_s jab we met becus I think she did really good actin in it and shahid was in it. I havent watched 'we r family' but it sounds good

12) @francyy01

4 Kareena's Bday "Dulhania" from Dosti - Friends Forever http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkqgVk5eQwA Kareena Akshay and Bobby ♥ @Faridoon_S

Kareena always will be a National Award in my heart. ♥ Happy Birthday Kareena! @Faridoon_S

13) @LoveBipashaBasu

@Faridoon_S sIR A MSG FOR kAREENA FRM MY COUSIN Palky -Kareena many many Happy Returns of the Day !Happy Birthday ! Ur my true Idol in Bollywood. And at a same time Congratulations U have completed ur 10years in Bollywood !on ur Birthday im sending U my Love. sir here its Kareena's Birthday gift from my cousin Palky ! she edited for her !:) http://twitpic.com/2qhc52

sir here its another picture eidt done by my cousin for Kareena's Birthday !:) http://twitpic.com/2qhg8n


@Faridoon_S How have u been? off twitter for a while. back coz today is incredibly special. Bebo turns 30 n plssssssss wish her on my behalf. lotssssssss of luv to her and may she gets everything her heart desires for. with Saifu by her side i know she's in Safe hands.


  1. Faridoon thank you for this feature! Love you loads!

    My message is in three parts:
    1) My personal wishes to Kareena:
    "Hey Kareena,
    Lets just say words wil fall short of how much I adore you. I've been a fan since Refugee. And when people doubted you, and when things got rough, both in your career and personal life, I believed in you. You're a trooper, and one who will never be down for long. I am now admin of one of your most celebrated websites. Kareenak.net
    And its not something that I'm pushed to do, but something I really want to do. I juggle my college career, my social life, and my dedication to bebomania as best as I can. We had earlier sent you a birthday scrapbook via Payal, back in 2008. To this day, I dont know if you got it.
    So on this special occasion, I want to wish you a VERY VERY happy birthday! I love you for your lively persona, your powerful screen presence, and most of all, for your strong and carefree attitude. I have seen you grow, both as an actor and as a person these past ten years. And you dont know how PROUD I am to call myself your fan. Because I was there on this journey with you. From refugee, till Agent Vinod (and hopefully Heroine as well).
    Stay strong, stay happy, and if possible, do visit your forum where all your ardent fans await you.

    2)Professional Feedback
    You are legend material, but you need to play your cards right. You underestimate your talent. You dont do yourself justice by the choice of roles. Dont depend on the Khans, Bebo. Tomorrow, they will move onto younger faces. For god's sake, establish your fan base doing SOLO films. Jab We Met, Heroine, Chameli, these are the movies that come to mind!
    My Video Compilation of Kareena's Top 10 Perforamnces

    A Message About Bebo and Saif:
    YOU AND SAIF ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER! I CANT STRESS IT ENOUGH! NO ONE WILL EVER LOOK THIS RIGHT WITH YOU AS SAIF DOES! NO ONE WILL LOVE YOU, UNDERSTAND YOU LIKE HE DOES! SCREW what anyone says Bebo, he's THE ONE! And I will fly to Mumbai and smack you upside the head if you let him go!
    P.S. Saifeena is so much more convenient to type. Dont hate on us for using that term :P

    Your online guardian,

  2. Hello Kareena,I Wish You a very very happy Birthday. from- Shubham

  3. Kurbaan - Shukran ALLAH - Kareena kapoor and saif ali khan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmaIBlGLVcs&feature=fvw

  4. Favourite film of Kareena?
    All her movies are great, love all of them, however i loved her in kurbaana and jab we met! Bebo has played all sorts of role out there, hence y she so verstile.

    What do you think of her as a person - shes seems very sweet, a person who loves her family and friends and willing to do anything for them!
    Professional - Keeping some things privates is how our bebo goes, which is FAB! what she shares with us is great though!

    What kind of a couple does she make with Saif?
    One of hottest and most stylish b-town couples! they rock every occassion they attend.

    What is the favourite scene enacted by Kareena.
    Favourite scene! almost everythin in JWM also kurbaan scene when she tells saif to kill her and their baby! loved it!

    Have you made any videos for Kareena? Have you made any card or sketch for Kareena?
    unfortunately nothing offical however do have many wallpapers and desktops pictures of bebo :-)

    Wishing bebo a very happy birthday! Hope she faces sucess with everything she does. Love always :-) Bebo Fan - Zeba

  5. First of all very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS Bebo.. I am huge fan of bebo since i saw
    K3G.God its been long 9 yrs. but its like yesterday i saw K3g..I hv seen all her films..I am so proud fan of urs..Even in her flops films she Shine like sun with her brilliant perfomances..Its so so so sad that coz of BO failure her so many outstanding perfomance were underrated like Dev,Chameli,Omkara,Kurbaan,LOC.but no matter she is going great in her career..& doing awesome work in every passing films..I cant imagine Bollywood without bebo .I am interested in hindi film industry only coz i admire her so much.

    kareena has better knowledge of films than me , she is working in industry since past 10 yr but still as fan I want to see her in more Hard core perfomance oriented role.[PLzz bebo Plzz Dont waste ur time & talent behind film where u dont hv anything to do.I know u make ur presence even in those films..but ur fans expectation are very very high now..So plz Dont let us down.I dont mind if u do Commercial film but dont let go some good role for masala film.Coz U, Me & whole World know that " HIT & FLOPS DOESNT AFFECT KAREENA KAPOOR AT ALL ".]

    On a personal note, Kareena is very honest person..She cant be diplomatic & fake even if she tried.thats some how pluz & minus point of her.Coz some ppl take her honesty as a arrogance.thankfully She is like open book..I loved that about her.How i wish i can meet her personally 1 day..

    I think Kareena & saif make really good couple..I remember when they announce thier relationship. so many news channel & astrologers were like its just timepass relationship. but Today its 3 long successful yr, which is tight slap on all those ppl's face.In films they also make wonderful couple.I loved them in
    LOC, they were only worth in long 4 hr film. I am eagerly w8ing to see them in sriram's Agent
    vinod.God Bless them.

    My Fav film of bebo:- K3G,JWM,3I,Omkara,Hulchal,Aitraaz,GolmaalReturn,
    Yuva,We areFamily etc..

    My fav scene:- i hv fav scene in every film, still i tried to filter few
    JWM's famous Hotel decent scene:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auEFL6AljnA
    3Ibdiot Dhokla -fafda scene,


    I made specially this for bebo:- http://i56.tinypic.com/16kykgg.jpg

  6. kareena opiend my eyes into bollywood.. i watched her first movie refujee .. there i found her beautiful & since then i become her fan until today
    on her birthday i want to wish her all the happines in her life & a succesfull career

    her & saif ... i like their piring on & off screen .. cant wait for AV .. i hope to see them in sweet love story...

    regards Riam from Spain..

  7. My best best wishes to Kareena for her 30th birthday. May God bless her with loads of happiness, success, luck, prosperity, good health and a flourishing career with great roles :)

    Favourite film of Kareena

    Infact it’s Kareena who got me hooked to Bollywood…I wasn’t much interested in Hindi films till I saw Refugee and now am a fan for life ;)
    Difficult to choose my most favorite film but I would choose Chameli, JWM, Asoka, We are Family, Omkara, Refugee etc

    What do you think of her as a person and professional?
    I love and respect her as a person mostly because she is what she is...honest. And it inspires me as a fan to always see her doing things she believes in. She has a wacky sense of humour which is evident in many of her interviews.Also like her endearing love for her family and friends.
    What fascinates me about her is the ease with which she can slip into any role and come up with a brilliant performance…I just hope she chooses better scripts where she gets the opportunity to display her amazing talent.

    What kind of a couple does she make with Saif?
    This couple has grown on me over the years...I feel Saif has brought much happiness and stability in her life and vice versa…they look awesome together whether onscreen or offscreen…perfect for each other…I wish them loads of happiness together.

    What is the favourite scene enacted by Kareena ?
    Again a tough choice but the ones that come instantly to my mind are (not in particular order)
    1) Kurbaan climax
    2) Dev (when Amit ji asks witnesses to come forward)
    3) LOC (when she goes to see Saif’s coffin)
    4) JWM ( her comedy scenes and when she breaks down in the 2nd half)
    5) Omkara climax
    6) Aitraaz climax
    7) Chameli (almost every scene)

  8. Thanks Faridoon for this opportunity!

    My Message (Lensa Hunte) to Bebo:
    Happy 30th birthday Bebo! My God fulfill all your wishes! Love you soo much Kareena! You entertained me so much since the past 10 years! I was a huge fan since I was 10 years old! I wish you all the best in your career! I have no doubts that you are gonna keep rocking and be the #1 actress forever! You have since you started ;). Love you, and keep on Rocking girl! You are the most versatile and powerful performer of bollywood! You are unique, no one is like you! You are #1!

    what is your favourite film of Kareena?
    I have a lot of favorite films of kareena, but the best one is Jab We Met! I loved also Ajnaabe, 36 China Town, k3G, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Khushi, Fida, Aitraaz, Hulchul, Dosti: Friends Forever, 3 idiots, Chup Chup Ke, Golmaal Returns, and Kurbaan.

    What do you think of her as a person and professional.
    I think she is a very sweet and caring person! When she loves someone, she loves them very much! I love how she cares about her family, and puts them before her career! She is honest and real! I like that she doesn't come of fake! Professional: She is very professional! I like how she handled all the crap the media rights about her! She is very respectful and carries herself like a lady!

    What kind of a couple does she make with Saif?
    An ideal couple! The way they love and respect each others work is very admirable! They are also very hot, cool, and stylish couple!

    What is the favourite scene enacted by Kareena (send in youtube links of ur favourite scenes)?

    I have a lot! In Omkara, the first scene she appears where she is sitting in front of her dad and asking for forgiveness! Also the scene where Ajay's character was about to kill her! Such a natural and real performance from her! Loved her in Omkara!

    Chameli: A scene where Rahul Boss tells her that he gets paid for making speeches! Her response to this was so funny and loved how she delivered her lines and her body language was spot on! Another scene of the film I liked was when she was trying to speak English! I loved how she delivered her lines! Her performance was very real! It looked she actually didn't speak English! Her accent was spot on!

    Jab We Met: Favorite scene from this film has to be her entrance scene! She was so hilarious and original! She was very spontaneous! Loved her in the film, I still believe no one could have done this role as well as Kareena had!

    Aitraaz: Favorite scene from this film has to be the court scene! Loved her performance, and how she trapped Priyanka's character into saying her child was Akshay's! *clap Clap* for bebo!

    Kurbaan: Loved her at the end scene, where she drops on her knees and cries because they had just captured her husband played by Saif! Her performance there was so powerful and seemed real! I had goosebumps at that scene! Mind blowing performance there! *double clap*

    3 idiots: Her dokla scene/drunk scene! She was too funny and cute!

    there is more but I leave at that, to keep it short and sweet!

    Have u made any videos for kareena? Yes, made a video with one my favorite song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Mkslo4LYqI

    Have you made any card or sketch for Kareena? Yes

    creation 1: http://img202.imageshack.us/i/4686576462077085ac4a.jpg/

    creation 2:

    creation 3:

    Lensa Hunte

  9. hAPPY B-DAY...KAREENA .......REALLY WISH LOADS OF HAPPINESS AND PROSPPERITY.............!!!!!!love you and plzzz visit kareenak.net

  10. Love u Fari for this.......Here i begin..
    My BEST Wishes:
    A Vry Vryyyyyy HAPPY B'DAY 2 the Most ADORABLE GIRL in the Universe----KAREENA "BEBO" KAPOOR....May all ur dreams cm true and all ur endeavours be acccomplished....May GOD bless this vry special child of His with his choicest blessings......May this day bring with it the most memorable and the happiest moments of ur life.......Wishing u all the SUCCESS,HAPPINESS,BEST OF HEALTH and GUD LUCK in life.......GOD BLESS.....From ur well wisher and a FAN4LIFE :D:D:D

    As a PERSON------WOWWWW she's just soooo humble and down-2-earth.....soooo REAL and Straightforward......Shes so loving 2wards her fans....i have had the pleasure 2 see her twice in real life and Wowwwww she was just sooooo pleasant and humble.....will always remember that smile of Her.....just Adoreeeeeeee HER........LOOKS-----SHE's soooooooo MESMERISINGLY BEAUTIFUL 2 luk at.......sooooo cuteeeee....AAMIR rightly said-u can keep luking at her the whole day and still not get tired........YEAH Shes just soooooo pretty and Beautiful...STUNNING:)))))

    On Professional Front------She's truly the bestesttttttttt actress of Bollywood we have 2day.......Acting is in her Genes----no doubt abt that......she can handle any role with utmost ease......Shes one of the most versatile actresses we have ever had.....She has literally touched every Genre which cms 2 mind---Arthouse cinema(Chameli,Dev), Historical Saga(Asoka),Comedy(JWM,GR,G-3),Action(Tashan,Asoka),Drama(many-3I,WAF,MAMK),Serious roles(Omkara,Kurbaan).........She has mastered the emotional scenes like noone has ever had..........Truly a vry Brilliant and Intelligent Actress......Spontaneous and one who can blow u away with her brilliant performances........toooooooo gud:))))))

    SAIF and BEBO-------I am veryyyyyyyy HAPPY for BEBO that she is soooooooo HAPPY and content in her personal life......SAIF is Keeping her HAPPY and thus am vry HAPPY for my BEBO....Wishing them a vry Loving and Caring Relationship Forever:))))))))

    MY FAV BEBO MOVIES-----There r soooo many but will list my top 5:
    1.3 IDIOTS 2. JWM 3.K3G 4.MPKDH,Omkara 5.AITRAAZ,36CT

    JWM-Kutte Kaminey scene,Hotel Decent and after that in the bus,BEBO's entry scene and many more

    3I-Dhokla FAAFDA wala scene....just adore it

    OMKARA,KURBAAN---Climax scenes

    K3G---Tumhe koi hak nhin hai tum itni khoobsurat lago,Not fair:)))))))


  11. Thanks Faridoon For doing this!

    well im going to start.

    Hey Kareena
    I am Mieke(KareenaMieke29), a BIG fan of you from The Netherlands
    i am dutch, not indian.
    but im not here to talk about that, but to talk about how much i love you!
    i cant explain how much i love you actually!
    words are not enough!
    your really important for me!
    if i had to choose between my family or you!
    i´d choose YOU!
    sometimes when i am alone in my room, i look at your pictures, and start crying!
    those tears are because your so important for me!
    and im so proud of you!
    and i love you so much!
    its like your my best friend
    before i was your fan
    my life wasnt as great as now!
    you made my life useful!
    i have a purpose in my life!
    thats to meet you!
    whenever i see a new picture or a new interview of you, i am so happy!
    i feel like the happiest girl in the world!
    and proud to call myself KAREENA`S FAN!
    my petname is Bebo´s Biggest Fan!
    everyone calls me like that!
    and im proud of it!
    Proud of you!

    Favourite Film Of Kareena:
    all her films are my fav.
    but those are really special:
    Jab We Met
    Kambakht Ishq
    We Are Family
    3 Idiots

    if kareena's in the film! the film will definatly special!

    Favourite Kareena Scenes:

    Well every scene of her is wonderful!
    but i will name a few!

    JAB WE MET: kutte, kaminey scene!
    loveed it!

    Kambakkht ishq: When she wanted to stop amrita's marriage!

    K3G; When she and hrithik sang om jai jagdish hare!

    aitraaz: when kareena was the lawyer!(the last scene)

    Tashan: when saif acted to rape kareena!
    so funny haha!

    3 idiots: DOkla scene!
    hahaha i remember i was in cinema the only one who laughed so much!

    i love her in evry scene!

    Kareena as a Person:
    i lovee her personality!
    she is so Straightforward!
    im also like that!
    if kareena doesnt like anything she says it!
    and whenever she likes anything she says it also!
    she is so honest!
    thats what i love about her!

    Kareena Professional:
    She is Truly The best Actress ever!
    she can do evrything!
    when you watch Refugee, and then We Are Family!
    You can see how much she has grown!
    So Proud of her!
    ACting is in her Genes!
    and she is the best in it!

    Her Jodi With Saif:

    i totally loveee them together!
    its so beautiful to see that she is so happy with him!
    whenever he is around you can see a blush on her face!
    so cute!
    and i love the way they are together!
    walking hand in hand, and all that!
    thats really cute!
    they're so close together!
    i also liked bebo with shahid!
    i used to be a big fan of them together!
    but i realised that saif is THE ONE for her!
    he is looking much better with bebo!
    she looks more happier with saif!
    and as far as i know kareena wasnt that close with shahid!
    Never let saif go Kareena, he truly loves you!
    (btw, ilovehistattoo)

    Have You Made any Videos of Kareena?
    Yes i did!
    but they arent on the internet :(

    Have you made any cards for kareena:
    no, but i made a cake for her!



    May God fulfill all your wishes!
    and bring you lots of happiness!
    and enjoy being 30 years young!
    and make lots of films!

    lots of pyaar!
    a big fan of you!

  12. Thought i'll add/share this just made a post @pinkvilla Happy bday kareena! Keep comments coming!

    Also i made a 10 years special on bebo in june
    Kareena Kapoor celebrates 10 Years in bollywood!


  13. U r 1 of the glob icons n loads of ppl love u ! Loved ya in JWM n 3idiots n did total justice 2 the charecters n think they were made 4 u ! Keep rocking u n saif make a great pair ! lots of love towhid n a pic 4 u kareena kapoor http://twitpic.com/2qjswn

  14. atfirst let me thnk U for taking my cousin's msg !:)

    Kareena's Best movie was JAB WE MET and recentley she did WE ARE FMAILY it was really really a fantastic movie !!:)

  15. And Here's My B'DAY CARD for my Sweetest PRINCESS BEBO----http://twitpic.com/2qlse6 :)))))))))))))