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Monday, September 6, 2010

SRK's D Decor Press Con Live Webcast Creates A Record

The Press Conference of Shahrukh Khan's D Decor event in Mumbai on August 21st that was covered live by Bollywood Hungama has created a record. The live webcast was watched in 73 countries by over 90000 people. It is the best response for any live webcast done by Bollywood Hungama till date. Interestingly the response in Germany was massive proving SRK's strong fan base there. Here's the list of all the countries:

1 India
2 Germany
4 United Kingdom
5 Pakistan
6 Poland
7 Canada
8 Australia
9 Egypt
10 France
11 Russian Federation
12 United Arab Emirates
13 Saudi Arabia
14 Netherlands
15 New Zealand
16 Sri Lanka
17 Singapore
18 Switzerland
19 Bangladesh
20 Qatar
21 Austria
22 Iran
23 Ukraine
24 Greece
25 Sweden
26 Malaysia
27 Spain
28 Belgium
29 Morocco
30 Indonesia
31 Kuwait
32 South Africa
33 Nepal
34 Latvia
35 Jordan
36 Italy
37 China
38 Kenya
39 Bahrain
40 Fiji
41 Denmark
42 Mauritius
43 Libya
44 Turkey
45 Thailand
46 Norway
47 Japan
48 Iraq
49 Hong Kong
50 Tunisia
51 Oman
52 Ireland
53 Finland
54 Czech Republic
55 Uganda
56 Philippines
57 Maldives
58 Lebanon
59 Cyprus
60 Afghanistan
61 Brunei
62 Vietnam
63 Trinidad And Tobago
64 Tanzania
65 Suriname
66 Jamaica
67 Slovakia
68 Romania
69 Azerbaijan
70 Nigeria
71 South Korea
72 Kazakhstan
73 Israel


  1. This shows who the no.1 Global Super star is> He is loved world over. He will stay there for years to come!

  2. There is no surprise in this news. He is so popular all over the world. In my country bollywood == SRK, everywhere it's like that.

  3. Well he is the King of the world! Thanks Faridoon for the update!

  4. You should update lists for other stars too, so that one comes to know from which countries their videos are viewed. BTW, Aamir Khan has created a record by becoming the first Indian film star to get more than 1 million fans on Facebook, which is the world's No. 1 social networking site. He's only the second Indian after AR Rahman to cross the 1 million milestone on Facebook. But I guess,you don't bother to report such stuff.

  5. @Prateek Dude Aamir Khan has the profile on facebook unlike SRK.... and both of them have their profiles on TWITTER and guess what.... SRK is way ahead that Aamir in terms of followers....

  6. WOW! that shows who da best is. Shahrukh is just simply awesome and beyond. Thanks Faridoon for this.

  7. No one can compete with the KING....

  8. east or west. shahrukh khan is the best. he is the real king. aur kisi khan ki aukat nahi hai.

  9. wowwwwwwwwwwww awesome I am in the US & saw it too ...Shah Rukh, Gauri amazing pair ... lovely couple & he is such an honest man, faithful husband ...

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