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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Complete List Of Films To Be Screened At MAMI 2010

List of films

International Competition for the First Feature Film of the Directors

International Competition for the First Feature Films of Directors aims at discovering and honoring new talents
in the field of direction and providing them a platform for networking with the entertainment industry.



Sweet Evil (L'enfance du mal)

Black Field (Mavro Livadi)

Autumn (Harud)

A Stone Thrown Away (A tiro de piedra)

October (Octubre)

Michael Noer & Tobias

Olivier Coussemacq

Su Turhan

Vardis Marinakis

Aamir Bashir

Sebastian Hiriart

Daniel Vega & Diego

Florin Serban

If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle (Eu cand vreau sa
fluier, fluier)


10. Estigmas

12. Mundane History

13. Majority

Boo Junfeng

Adán Aliaga

Babak Najafi


Seren Yüce

14. Vital Signs (Les Signes Vitaux)

Sophie Deraspe

Above The Cut

Above the cut will present the first feature films of extra ordinary cinematic merit which could not be included
in the competition.


It's Already Summer (C'est déjà l'été)

Le Divan Du Monde

Hold Me Tight (Hold om mig)


The Killer Queen (La Tueuse)

8 Times Up (Huit fois debout)

Faith (Shahada)

There Are Things You Don’t Know (Chiz-haie
hast keh nemidani)

10. The Wanderer (Ha'Meshotet)

11. Buried Land

12. Night Catches Us

13. Don’t Be Afraid, Bi! (Bi, dung so!)


Martyn Maria Smits

Dominic Desjardins

Kaspar Munk

Jacob Bitsch

Rodolphe Tissot

Xabi Molia

Rusudan Pirveli

Burhan Qurbani

Fardin Saheb-Zamani

Avishai Sivan

Steven Eastwood &
Geoffrey Alan Rhodes

Tanya Hamilton

Phan Dnag Di

World Cinema

World Cinema section will showcase the best of the crop from around the world during the year. All award
winning and critically acclaimed films are invited for this section.


The Lips (Los Labios)

Puzzle (Rompecabezas)

The Invisible Eye (La mirada invisible)

Van Diemen’s Land

The White Ribbon

On the Path (Na Putu)

Twice a Woman (2 fois une femme)

The Child Prodigy (L'enfant prodige)

Chongqing Blues


Winter Vacation

Retratos En Un Mar De Mentiras

Crab Trap (El vuelco del cangrejo)

Just Between Us (Neka Ostane Medju Nama)

Kawasaki's Rose

Mamas & Papas

A Family (Une Famille)


The Experiment (Eksperimentet)



Above the Street Below the Water (Over Gaden


Iván Fund, Santiago Loza

Natalia Smirnoff

Diego Lerman

Jonathan auf der Heide

Michael Haneke

Jasmila Zbanic

François Delisle

Luc Dionne

Wang Xiaoshuai

Feng Xiaogang

Li Hongqi

Carlos Gaviria

Oscar Ruíz Navia

Rajko Grlic

Jan Hrebejk

Alice Nellis

Pernille Fischer

Thomas Vinterberg

Louise N. D. Friedberg

Nikolaj Steen

Rumle Hammerich

Charlotte Sieling

Under Vandet)

The Snow Queen (Lumekuninganna)


On Tour (Tournée)

Going South (Plein Sud)

The Queen of Hearts (La Reine des Pommes)

Of Gods And Men (Des hommes et des dieux)

The Tree


The Pack (La Meute)

Outside of the Law (Hors-la-loi)

A Screaming Man (Un homme qui crie)

Certified Copy (Copie Conforme)

Berlin, Boxhagener Platz

The Hairdresser (Die Friseuse)

Henry of Navarre (Henri 4)

Burnt By The Sun 2


The Building Manager (O Diachiristis)


Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

As You Are (Így, ahogy vagytok)

Salve (Marham)

The Orion

Kick Off

Our Life (La Nostra Vita)



Sweet Little Lies

Marko Raat

Gustave de Kervern &
Benoît Delépine
Mathieu Amalric

Sébastien Lifshitz

Valérie Donzelli

Xavier Beauvois

Julie Bertuccelli

Patric Chiha

Franck Richard

Rachid Bouchareb

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

Abbas Kiarostami

Brillante Mendoza

Matti Geschonneck

Doris Dörrie

Jo Baier

Nikita Mikhalkov

Benedek Fliegauf

Pericles Hoursoglou

Soi Cheang

Andrew Lau

Károly Makk

Alireza Davoudnejad

Zamani Esmati

Shawkat Amin Korki

Daniele Luchetti

Kôji Wakamatsu

Tetsuya Nakashima

Hitoshi Yazaki



The Tiger Factory


Russian Snark

Undertow (Contracorriente)

The Child Of The Sun (Anacbanua)

The Strange Case of Angelica

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu
(Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceausescu)

How I Ended This Summer (Kak ya provel etim

Black Lamb (черный баран)

Memories Of A Burning Tree (Kumbukumbu za
mti uunguao)

Themba - A Boy Called Hope



Mother Is A Whore

Dooman River


The Mosquito Net (La mosquitera)

For 80 Days (80 egunean)



Tales from Kars

Yoshinari Nishikori

Takeshi Kitano

Woo Ming Jin

Sander Francken

Stephen Sinclair

Javier Fuentes-León

Christopher Q. Gozum

Manoel de Oliveira

Andrei Ujica

Alexei Popogrebsky

Roman Khrushch

Sherman Ong

Piano Girl (Deli Deli Olma)

Stefanie Sycholt

Lee Chang-dong

Hong Sang-Soo

Lee Sang Woo

Zhang Lu

Joaquin Cervera &
Barbara Belli
Agustí Vila

Jon Garaño & José Mari

Alejandro Gonzalez
Doze Niu

Özcan Alper
(Motoguzzi), Ülkü
Oktay (Zilo), Emre Akay
(Küçük Bir Hakikat),
Ahu Öztürk (Açık Yara),
Zehra Derya Koç (Kül)
Murat Saraçoglu

Another Year

Mike Leigh

Route Irish

Everything Must Go


I Miss You (Te Extrano)

Letters to Juliet

Some Where

The Social Network

The Inside Job


Winter’s Bone

The Company Men

The Infidel

The Land Of The Astronauts

Ken Loach

Dan Rush

Guy Moshe

Fabián Hofman

Gary Winick

Sofia Carmina Coppola

David Fincher

Charles Ferguson

Rob Epstein

Larry Brand

Debra Granik

John Wells

Josh Appignanesi

Carl Colpaert

The Real Reel

Reel Real will show case a selection of the best feature length documentary films from around the world
which carry strong opinions on issues concerning our social lives, human nature and many other topics.


My Letter to Pippa (Pippa'ya Mektubum)

Water wars

Kick In Iran

Next Year in Bombay


The Border (Hranica)

Once Upon A Time Proletarian: 12 Tales of a
Country (Women Cengjing de Wuchanzhe)

Think Global, Act Rural

Little Alien

12 Angry Lebanese

Nostalgia For The Light (Nostalgia de la luz)

All My Mothers (Hamey-e Madaran-e Man)

We Are Half of Iran’s Population

Park Mark

Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without
Mugabe And The White African

Me And Nuri Bala (Ben ve Nuri Bala)

Open Sky

Two In The Wave

The Oath

Last Train Home


Bingol Elmas

Jim Burroughs

Fatima Abdollahyan

Jonas Parienté &
Mathias Mangin
Julia Bacha

Jaroslav Vojtek

Xiaolu Guo

Coline Serreau

Nina Kusturica

Zeina Daccache

Patricio Guzman

Ebrahim Saeedi & Zahavi

Rakhshan Bani-Etemad

Baktash Abtin

Mark N. Hopkins

Andrew Thompson &
Lucy Bailey

Melisa Önel

Ines Compan

Emmanuel Leurent

Laura Poitras

Lixin Fan

Celebration of Japanese Cinema

“Celebration of Japanese Cinema” a collection of pristine 35MM prints --- classic as well as contemporary ---
will be screened providing festival-goers with an unparalleled opportunity to choose from an array of films from
one of the most vibrant national cinemas. This extraordinary showcase is being co-organized in collaboration
with the Consulate General of Japan in Mumbai and The Japan Foundation.


The Professor and his beloved Equation

United Red Army

Te o tsunagu ko ra

The Paltry Ronin Forces his way through

The Outcast

Fight, Zatoichi, Fight

The Tycoon

Children Hand in Hand

The naked Island

The Yotsuya Ghost Story on the Tokaido

Juvenile Jungle

Branded to Kill

Sad Vacation

Woman of the mist

The story of Last Chrysanthemums

Warm Current

The Human Condition I (Part1-2)

The Human Condition II(Part3-4)

The Sun's Burial

The Human Condition Ⅲ(part5-6)

Immortal Love

Akitsu Springs

Pale Flower

The Sting of Death

Boiling Point



About Her Brother (Otôto)

Sway (Yureru)

Nobody Knows

Crows Zero

In search of Mother

A Fugitive from the Past


Under the Flag of the Rising Sun

Humanity and Paper baloon

Until the Day we meet again

When a woman ascends the stairs

The End of Summer

Pastoral Hide and Seek

No regrets for our youth

Bright Future

The Friends

Special screening of Ran
(The film will be presented by Akira Kurosawa’s chief assistant director Takashi Koizumi).

12th Mumbai Film Festival
October 21st to 28th 2010

Indian Frame


Virgin Goat

Iti Mrinalini

I Am Kalam

Riding The Stallion Of A Dream (Kanasemba

The Way Home (Veettilekkulla Vazhi)


Murali Nair

Aparna Sen

Nila Madhab Panda

Girish Kasarvalli

Dr. Biju

Ayirathil Oruvan

Memories In March



Sanjay Nag

Siddhartha A. Kumar

New Faces in Indian Cinema



Good Morning Good Night

Tripping on a Bicycle

The Untitled Kartik Krishnan Project

Sudish Kamath

Dir.: Nallamuthu

Srinivas Sunderrajan

Burzwagaman - Biography Of A Farmer
(Burzwagaman - Shetkaryachi Atmakatha)

Hitendra Upasani

Film India Worldwide

When Harry Tries To Marry
Dir.: Nayan Padrai (USA-India / 2009 / 35mm / Col. / 101')

The Sound of Mumbai: A Musical (Documentary)
Dir.: Sarah McCarthy (UK / 2010 / Col. / 65')

De Nova...The Road Less Trodden
Dir.: Swabri Abdul Khader (India-Malayalam / 2010 / Digital / Col. / 80:4')

Dir.: Shailaja Gupta (USA / 2010 / 35mm / Col. / 97')

Special Screening

Metropolis – Silent film Restored version

Throw of Dice – Silent film Restored version

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