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Monday, September 6, 2010

Who Is Your Favourite Teacher In Hindi Films?

Teachers are surely a God's gift. It is up to a student how he/ she makes the best use of it. In Hindi films there have been several actors who've portrayed a teacher's role to perfection. A few of them are as follows:

a) Aamir Khan in Taare Zameen par epitomizes what a teacher ought to be. Caring, sensitive and yet showing the right direction.

b) Naseeruddin Shah in Sir and Iqbaal. In Sir Naseer played a conventional teacher while in Iqbal he teaches Shreyas Talpade the fine art of playing cricket. It was an outstanding student-teacher relationship.

c) Shahrukh Khan in Mohabbatein and Chak De India. SRK in Mohabbatein is a teacher with a difference as he shows the way to his students how to break free. But it was in Chak De India, that SRK gave you goose pimples with his motivational and disciplined ways.

d) Ashok Kumar in Choti Si Baat. How the veteran actor transforms a loser in Amol Palekar into a winner was laced with a wonderful sense of humour and common sense.

e) Sushmita Sen in Main Hoon Na. Sush played the sexy chemistry teacher to perfection. She is the kinda teacher every school boy (early teens) loves to fantasise about. I am sure you guys had one...I surely did :)

f) Dilip Prabhalkar as Gandhi ji in Lage Raho Munnabhai. How Dilip imparts teaching to Munnabhai Sanju is a treat. An unconventional way of passing a message without being preachy.

g) Nagesh kukoonoor in Rockford. A film that shows boarding school life with a touch of realism. I would call it a mini classic. Do watch it if you haven't do so already.

h) Amitabh Bachchan in Black. Big B gave a stirring performance. His teaching methods were unusual but he gives you hope in the tunnel of darkness.

Here are a few of your impressions about who you think portrayed the best teacher in Hindi film:

1) @cuteshrishti

Shahid is surely d bst teacher in btwn even i wnt a teacher lke him i simply adore him in paatshaala no words can describe him.

2) @HaneenAliKhan said:

SRK " CHAK De !! " ..Because he is an example of a man accused of Betrayal,
The most expensive thing he have " his Patriotism " When any person accused is thus driven by his love for his country To give from all his heart and Ungrudging Coz Because the hardest thing for a man to be charged in the most expensive asset of his heart ..

In the case of coach " Kabeer" he have only one chance to prove the opposite of what is said about him. Despite the difficulties that faced the training of these it girls Where he should lead them to the finals ..they Need a lot Training they lose a lot of team spirit and teamwork are also differences between them become so . any person in Place of him May give up and leave it. But coach " Kabeer" did'nt do that Coz his love 4 his country more important than his Dignity & All Odds So we Saw him lead his team to the Finals & And teach them to forget their differences And that victory come only through cooperation.

This is the most important objectives of the teacher .. The coach has done as fully as possible Because the only motive of his love for his country .. And his quest to uphold his flag.

3) kat_akki_saifu

Definitley Aamir Taare Zameen Par and Shahrukh for Check De! India and Mohabbatein

My vote is for SRK ( CHAK DE ) AMITABH JI (BLACK). Love this one take shot - Sattar Minute - Chak De India - love srk (chak de) http://t.co/JwvlcXS

5) filmi_tas

Hands down it's Nagesh! I may love SRK to pieces but Nagesh felt like a real teacher. Plus, Rockford was such a good, diff film

6) @keeplovenpeace

I've seen TZP n Mohabatein both Amir n SRK were gr8 on screen teachers but frankly Amitabh B. is uncomparable in any role.

7) @2Saif

Sushmita sen in main hoon na was definitely the sexiest teacher in the history of the hindi film.

8) @AishSrK

Its between srk in chak de and amithab in black...bu i choose amit his perfomance was amazing!!

9) @ShaFilicious said:

Amir in TZP, as he made a family realize what they were missing out in there son life, and that they always misunderstood him. & that when one have is dislected, they always have a talent, and should never be count as a nobody or not smart.

Shahid Kapoor paathshala why cause that scene where he gets all the lil kids to be friends with Paarth was most heart touching scene and also when he goes to the boys dad I'll pay for your son's education it will come out of my pay
The ending where there's a strike in the school


  1. i think the 2 Khans take this one! The passionate, sweet, loving Aamir in TZP, and the motivating, aggressive leader Kabir Khan played by SRK in chak de.

  2. i really disappointed from u faridoon u not added ajay
    11) Ajay devgn for Zakh... Legend of bhagat singh.. halla bol....pyar to honahi tha.... Rajneeti... and latest.. Ouatim...he is marvelous in every role...

  3. thanks knownstranger...as for ur OUATIM..its about teachers and not actors so ur grievance is not correct


  4. ohh soryy... i didn't read it properly so apologize 4 that.. i think that ur putting a best actor's list that's why i put my comment... but if add a best teacher list so u should add vinod Khanna 4 Imtihan.. wat u say...???

  5. Looks like you receive responses only from SRK fans or you choose to put up responses only from SRK fans! Most posts sound SRK-centric!

  6. Ok OUATIM ...

    As for u Prateek, u need to follow me a bit more to say what u said...lets chat say one month down the line :)

    Cheers guys