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Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Ranbir Kapoor

Posted on September 27th: Ranbir Kapoor celebrates his birthday on September 28th. All the RK fans, share your thoughts and impressions about Ranbir. What's your favourite Ranbir film? Share the video links of your favourite RK film scenes? Is RK a superstar or there is still some distance to go? With which actress does RK make the best pair...is it Priyanka, Deepika, Katrina, Sonam, Minisha, Bipasha, Konkona? With which actress would you want RK to be paired with? Which genre is RK best at...romance, drama, suspense, comedy? Can RK do action very well too? Which are the directors with which you'd want RK to work with? Have you made a card for RK's birthday...share the link...what message do you have for RK on his birthday. Will share the best responses in a blog post tomorrow morning. But let me make it clear that I am NOT sending this to Ranbir. This is only for YOU guys.

Posted on September 28th: Well, today is Ranbir Kapoor's birthday. Many of his fans wanted us to do a Meet N Greet with him. We really made the best possible efforts but it didn't happen. I interviewed Ranbir for the first time before 'Wake Up Sid'. First thing that endears about RK is his humility. Over a period of time I interviewed him several times and each time, his humility was one of the most notable aspects about his persona.

It goes without saying that Ranbir is a very fine actor. A complete package. For he can do dramatic stuff with utmost competence, is fantastic with comedy, dances extremely well and can maturely pull off complex roles as the one in Raajneeti with ease. He is an actor who note only strives for commercial success, he also goes the extra distance to hone his acting skills.

He is a smart guy for diplomacy comes naturally to him. And politically correct answers fly off in abundance. It is not easy to get a controversial byte out of him as he's careful while talking. I saw him interact with his fans during one of his Meet N Greet with Bollywood Hungama contest winners and its apparent he gives a lot of importance to his fans. He was funny, easy and very comfortable with them giving them a lot of time. Here's wishing him lots of happiness and success in the years ahead. As promised, find out what his fans have to say about him and keep putting in your thoughts in the Comments section. Cheers!

1) @Bellaranig

@Faridoon_S I never really liked Ranbir but seeing him in AA promotions.I've really liked him. he seems so fun n down to earth.AA looks good. I really think that he is a decent actor n movies I liked best was Wake up sid n Rocket Singh. Didn't like APGK or Saawariya. Also, didn't enjoy Rajneeti. But, I think he has potential. I find that he doesn't take him self seriously.A free actor that way. Praying the best for AA and of course I think he looks the best with PC. Their energies match :) I wish RK a very happy birthday and all the very best for the super duper success for AA :)

2) @flawedsoul

@Faridoon_S He has milesss to go before becoming a superstar in the true sense. I don't think he's reached that stage yet. But I think he's shown capabilities in WUS, Rocket Singh and Rajneeti. And AA is his first movie that I'm actually excited about. But that's probably cuz I'm a PC fan...but he's looking good in AA. And he looks best with PC! I hope AA does extremely well, so that it doubles the happiness of his birthday week!

3) @Ingrid_Diwali said:

@Faridoon_S Ranbir reminds me of his grandfather Raj, and I'm sure he'll take the heritage Prithviraj-Raj-Rishi successfully further. I don't care whether he's a star or a superstar - stars come and fade again. But actors remain forever. And Ranbir is a great actor and I'm very curious to see whether he once will be a great director and producer too like his legendary grandfather. After all I've seen from and read about him I'm sure he has it in him. All the best, Ranbir, and never let you press down from too many expactations or influence by people who prefer the quick fame and stardom - go your way, remain grounded and be sure I'll be with you. Happy Birthday. :)

4) @iam_ns

@Faridoon_S i am big fan ranbir after saawariya. can u ask him. is he plannin to cum New Zealand anytym soon? luv u alot rk. u rocks

5) @AsSi_MoOnLiGhT


6) @RK_selBieber

@Faridoon_S hey sir i luv him so much plz convey him my mssg. Happy bday rk i luv u n may god blessu im havin a party tmrw..i mean im gona make smthn(cake)fr d frst time. i hope i cud celebrate ur 29th bday wid u inshallah and btw tmrw is my bday 2 i mean frm urdu calendar...see true luv

7) @aury_941 said:


Happy B-day Ranbir!

well i like him 'cause i think is a very good actor. the best part of his career was "saawariya" 'cause started with an amazing movie but in the same time difficult for a new entry but "kapoor genes" are more strong :) i mean he was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in that movie and for me he will be always the same " raj " for long long time. i like so much BAH,APKGK, Sawaariya.

i'd love see him with kareena kapoor 'cause see on-screen 2 "kapoor genes". ( will be better see a interesting movie than a movie with the same people)

my fav. songs :
Jab Se Tere Naina - this song is so sweet and he's gr8 about being protagonist of the video.

Tu jaane na (Remix) - he's so romantic!
Bachna Ae Haseeno title song - gr8!


8) @DabanggAziz

@Faridoon_S Ranbir had 2blockbusters(coz of Katrina`s midas touch),2hits n 2flops...More 2 hits then he will become a supesrtar i guess.... .waise Happy birthday 2 Ranbir..fav film to nahi but fav scene wud definitely be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMTKI9xgzhg

9) @turkish_fan

@Faridoon_S Wishing a great & happy Bday 2our sweetest Ranbir! This a gift to him http://twitpic.com/2pdldn Fanmade,really hope he like it:) really hope he like the siggi... its him with our fav actress... =) =) Allah alwayss bless Ranbir, he is 1 of the best actor!

10) @Shahid_Fan

@Faridoon_s heres wishing ranbir a very very happy birthday. Good luck to him and hope AA is a hit. Hope he has a great year and love :)

11) @Lensahunte08

@Faridoon_S Happy Birthday to Ranbir! He is def the next superstar! He is reaching there, but not quite yet! Fav film: Wake Up Sid! As far as acting, Ranbir has a long way to go! He is good and and charismatic on screen! He is very lovable though!

12) @IYer209

@Faridoon_S Wish the cute, talented Ranbir a very happy birthday n many more prosperous yrs 2 come. He's already a star n climbing fast. :)

13) @Ranshita

@Faridoon_S i Love rK nd love al his scenes,his most fav is bips nd his scene in d lift bah,hotness

14) @with_an_idea

@Faridoon_S Ranbir and Katrina definitely make the best onscreen pair and personally my fav film APKGK coz im into comedies. I just realised that I actually like every Ranbir film, coz he's outstanding in serious roles like Raajneeti.

15) @iamtanvi

@Faridoon_S I’ve liked Ranbir from the start. He can slip into any character and is very easy on screen. He looks great with Deepika and PC! Love how he interacts with fans! He’s so sweet and down to earth. He’s a favourite and definitely has superstar potential! :)

16) @princesssosweet

@Faridoon_S hiiiiiiii sir i m very much happi today bcoz its my dream boy bthday !!! pls wish him 4m my side happi bthday 2 ranbir :) sir i m really mad abt ranbir hope my wishes wil reach 2 him :)

17) @Udita Madan UditaMadan

@Faridoon_S A very happy birthday to Ranbir! Wishing him lots of happiness & prosperity in life! :) Love him!


  1. I think Ranbir Kapoor 'on screen' has got qualities of all 4 biggest superstars of the last decade combined: The charisma of Shahrukh, screen presence of Salman, versatality of Aamir, and uber coolness of Saif.

    My favourite RK film & performance: ROCKET SINGH - Salesman of the Year

    He's already a superstar, AA & Rockstar will just confirm and strengthen his status and will place him in the big league. Undoubtedly, he makes the best pairing with Katrina Kaif.

  2. My best scene of Ranbir:
    Rocket Singh. I think it was a very restrained, natural and flawless performance.
    The scene where Nitin and Puri(The Boss,MD) start insulting him by calling him a bastard, after he does a mistake. You see the pain and anger in his eyes and the expressions. His eyes just turn red in the same frame and you feel the same emotions along with the character. It was superb !

  3. Kapoors always rock! So ranbir has to be on my list of superb actors! Happy birtday to ranbir, wishin him a sucessful year ahead! love lots.

    Thanks for this Faridoon, comin back to your questions!

    Fav Ranbir film? Rajneeti acting wise I neva thought he had such a strong role in the movie, great performaces! APKGK is my fav movie of RK so far, saawariya was also superb!

    Is RK a superstar or there is still some distance to go? I think his a superstar and furture movies will prove this :D

    Best Pair - Has to Sonam Kapoor, saawariya gave a very cute couple hope they act again :-) Katrina's pretty good too! lets see how PC goes.

    RK best at: Romance, comedy & Drama.

    Can RK do action very well too? His a chocolate boy! will have see that!

    Which are the directors with which you'd want RK to work with? Anyone, he will make the movie hit with his kapoor charms!


  4. I forgot to mention that my favourite Ranbir film up till now is Wake Up Sid. Great performances by Ranbir and Koko, a loveable story and so many heart-warming reverences to Mumbai. Just love it. :)

  5. heres wishin ranbir kapoor a very happie birthday n prosporous year ahead . hope he continue giving us much more better movies as he does :D he is born talented ! kapoor khandan must b very proud of his labour. he is gradually on his way of reaching his old age :P
    sumwhr on this planet , a girl has confined a very specailly place for him in her heart :d wanted to wish him personally though but for nw this is fine to me xoxo ranbir :D hope u convey him this message