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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stunning Nai Thon Beach, Playful Rain, Sand Castles For Posterity

It was a beautiful day. In every sense of the word. We spent the entire day at the majestic Nai Thon beach in Phuket. The waves roared all throughout the day and the white-foam-aided-green-water held me captive. There's so much to discover, for each sea wave is different from the other. The forever energetic zeal is infectious.

The interesting part was that rain once again played games with us. I did a couple of interviews while it rained gingerly. While we had an awesome desi lunch, we were treated to a sharp spell of rain and we ate amidst spraying-n-flying rain drops. It was simply fascinating. And romantic to the core.

The sea was choppy. The waves naughtily engulfed me as I stepped somewhat into the sea. I laughed-out-loud. The shoes were drenched and so was the jeans. It was difficult to walk on the soft sand as the legs got sucked inside. Nevertheless, it was an experience in self discovery. Watching various changing hues-n-shades of the sky and how it affected the sea colour was relaxing. Someone had made a sand castle. Before the high tide ruthlessly washed it away I quickly clicked its picture. We don't realise it but our lives are like sand castles that are destined to be washed away. Some sand castles are worth being documented and remembered for posterity. I hope I am one such sand castle.

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