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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Harvest of Questions

Harvest of Questions
By Faridoon Shahryar

Greed is insatiable
And so is curiosity
The ability to Reason
Is dictated by
The relative willingness
Of the ego-infested mind..
I reap the harvest of questions...
Why can't I travel business or first class?
Why don't I live in a more developed country that values human existence?
Why do I have to hate and distrust Jews just because I'm born in a particular religion?
Why do I have to prove my loyalty by verbally bashing the neighbouring country?
Why being selfless is considered as madness or foolishness?
Why can't people learn from History rather than swearing to repeat the horrors of the past in a new context?
Why is Love looked down upon frivolously while Hatred is considered a sign of logical intelligence?
Why can't I rise above my own trivialities, look within and raise the bar of sensibility?


  1. I adore your style of journalism. Watching your interviews always makes me wonder if you' have an aspiring filmmaker tucked away inside of you? Or perhaps a screenwriter? Do you?


  2. Thanks Anonymous ... well i know I can direct a film but I'm not aspiring for it as of now :-) but i love the medium of cinema ...