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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Musical Midnight; An Angry Sea...Prayer For Phuket

It's 5 am on July 16, 2015. I am sitting outside a pool villa in Pullman's Resort I'm Phuket, Thailand. The night shift for the film 'One Night Stand' is going on. The sea waves are lashing against the rocks underneath the Resort. They've been aggressive about displaying their passion for the last five hours or so. It rained as well for some time. Very strange sort of sounds are being made by animals. The entire area is totally swamped by trees. It is a forest area after all. I managed to sleep for maybe an hour or so. Over all it is a very unique experience that is surely unforgettable.

An hour before midnight, I ventured out of the Resort for a walk. I saw a small pub where a group of boys played live music. I listened to a boy belting out a Thai song while his friend played acoustic guitar. Somehow they could see that I'm passionate about music too. I sang a couple of songs with them, clicked pictures and shared them on instagram. It is great to make new friends. We were unable to communicate in the same language but the language of music is universal.

The sea waves are making outrageous sounds. Tsunami had struck Phuket in 2004. I just happened to see the video of what really happened that fateful morning on December 26 at Patong beach, Phi Phi Island and in Indonesia. It was absolutely devastating. It is kinda scary. Looking forward to the morning now. We must thank God for his blessings and pray that ourselves and our loved ones never fall prey to the havoc of Nature.

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