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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Exotic Sea, Caressing Breeze, Priceless Images For The Memory Bank...

A good night's sleep after a tiring day of hectic travelling is the best recipe for getting into a good frame of mind. It was a bright and sunny morning and I leisurely prepared for the long day ahead. As we moved towards the location of the shoot of 'One Night Stand' the greenery all around calmed me immensely. The exotic resort (an hour's drive away from the main Phuket city) is simply breathtaking as you can see from the picture. The greenery all around seems to have reflected in the colour of the sea and the clarity in the water is hard to miss.

I spent most part of the day soaking in the glorious sea in my mind. I'm sure I shall revisit these fascinating images for a long time to come. I kept on observing the frothy waves and how they made circular jumps (each being different from the other). Post lunch I dozed off on a rocking chair. The cool sea breeze was very relaxing. As the sun prepared to descend, the sight of the placid ripples in the Resort pool overlooking the sea was another image that shall stay in my mind for ever. Apart from the work, I also caught up on some reading. I plan to read a lot more in the days to come.

The swim in the hotel pool later in the evening was very relaxing. After an early dinner, I am going off to sleep shortly since its going to be an early morning shoot tomorrow morning. Hope you're enjoying my Phuket diaries :-)

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