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Monday, July 13, 2015

Funny Rain, Frothy Sea, Communication Issues

It is funny how the rain in Phuket hammers down in a sudden gush. The God's rain machine doesn't change gears, it just directly hits the top gear. If you're out in the open, be rest assured that you'd get drenched. And it was a rainy day out here. The even more funnier aspect is that it usually doesn't rain for long spells. It pours heavily and within no time the heaven's flood gates close down.

We headed towards the location of the shoot of 'One Night Stand' at 5 am in the morning. The majestic sea welcomed with open arms with gushing white waves scampering towards the shore. During the course of the day, at many an occasion, I gazed at the frothy waves and the amazingly green water. It was very calming.

Whenever you visit new places, the charm lies in meeting new people and developing an insight into new cultures. The online production team from Thailand is comprised of hard working professionals. They are totally committed. Even when it's raining you could see the commitment they bring to the table. Language is an issue as most of the people don't speak or understand English and the ones who do understand and speak a bit of English aren't too proficient in communicating their thoughts.

Our video cameraman Tahir hurt his elbow today. The ice pack, the ointment and medicines are sorted but tomorrow morning will give a clarity on how his elbow will react. Hoping for the best, since for a video cameraman, right elbow is his bread-n-butter.

It has been a long day. Time to doze off and catch some sweet dreams. Good night!

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