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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Doesn't Naseeruddin Shah Work In Hollywood Films Any More?

Naseeruddin Shah is a sheer joy. He is absolutely politically incorrect and has a delightful sense of humour. Well, we met because his film 'Maximum' is releasing shortly. He rates director Kabir Kaushik highly for he considers 'Sehar' to be a very fine film. Naseer sahab spoke about why he doesn't like films of Dilip Kumar sahab (post Ganga Jamuna) and Mr Bachchan (post Zanjeer). He spoke about the hypocrisy that exists within the film industry, how money is blatantly spent on unnecessary things and why he thinks good films can be made in a very limited budget.

Naseer sahab says that a sequel of 'A Wednesday' can be made . He spoke about Jalwa 2 and why he likes Pankaj Parashar as a director. He also spoke about a film 'The Hunt', a film which is complete but for some strange reason, the makers haven't released it yet. Mr Shah has seen 'The Hunt' twice but he finds the film incomprehensible and vague.

Naseer sahab is looking forward to Dedh Ishqiya where Madhuri Dixit is paired with him. Can we see romantic scenes between the two? Did he enjoy the lovemaking scenes in 'The Dirty Picture' and being a part of item songs like the ones in 'Chalees Chaurasi'?

Why didn't Naseer sahab work in Hollywood projects after 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen'?
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  1. would love to read the answers to these.. esp the DEDH ISHQIYA part.. where will it be posted?

  2. Have posted on the blog...plz chk