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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Liv Ullman On Ingmar Bergman, Resul Pookutty On Sound Design Magic

Faridoon Shahryar (FS): We have with us the legendary Liv Ullmann and India's pride Resul Pookutty here on Bollywood Hungama at IIFA Singapore. Huge honour to have you on Bollywood Hungama! I guess you turned completely Indian out here!

Liv Ullmann (LU): I think this is one of the most incredible and creative experience I have had in my whole life! I didn't want it to end. I am so happy and grateful with what have I have seen in the last few hours of my life. And as I said, I wish I was an Indian!

FS: You gave a fantastic workshop on sound which was an enriching experience. Generally, people associate movies with stars but the kind of stuff that people do behind the scenes is incredible. So tell us about your experience at the workshop.

Resul Pookutty (RP): It was indeed incredible. And I was so touched and moved by what Liv said that I am so happy that I am alive and got to be a part of something like this. This is what movies do to you. When it comes to sound in movies, it's like a subconscious art.

FS: We spoke to Shabana Azmi yesterday and she said that she's really privileged that she's meeting her childhood idol, Liv Ullmann, here. How was the experience meeting her? I guess she gave you a saree the last time you guys met…

LU: Yes, last time when we met, she was wearing a beautiful dress and I complimented her at the dinner. And when I was leaving, she had changed her clothes! And on her arm was the dress that she was wearing. And that was an indication of the generosity of the Indian people. I really like and admire Shabana a lot. I've met her husband and daughter too. The warmth and creativity never seemed to end in this country.

FS: Sir, which is your favourite Liv Ullmann film?

RP: Persona. Basically, everything that she done!

FS: Ma'm please share your association about Ingmar Bergmann, one of the finest cinematic minds in the world ever.

LU: You know I believe that Ingmar somewhere has been here today! He's a child like all creative people. He would have enjoyed himself so much because this is what life is about – to listen and to be a part of creative people.

DS: Great. Thank you so much ma'm!

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