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Friday, June 15, 2012

Doorstep Of Belonging

Abba would have turned 76 on June 16, 2012. Here's a poem for him from me on his birthday.

Dew on the doorstep of Belonging
Smeared with a laidback smile.

Fragrant memories, soaked in
Wisdom, imagination and wit
Caresses buds of attachment.

Clouds are ominous and grave,
I hear unhurried footsteps,
Unafraid and unaffected.

Surprises will always
Be in store in the quest
For the unobvious.

Left hand in the left pocket,
Friendly hand on the shoulder;
Humour and poetry
Permeates the pregnant air.

A year has gone by,
Not just another year
But the year that matters.

Gateway to sleep is closed;
Dreams have new wings,
The dew-drops Linger on....


  1. Very lovely Faridoon...I am sure your dad appreciates it.

  2. That is very sweet Faridoon I am sure he is really proud of you

  3. That's a lovely tribute. Condolences on your father's passing.

  4. great and meaningful poem

  5. Very beautifully written Sir...

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    1. What a beautiful tribute Faridoon! Fragrant memories soaked in wisdom.. Awesome!! Just love it! Hope you are doing well!