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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adnan Sami Claims His Ex Wife Sabah's Family Had Links With Osama Bin Laden

At the Bandra Family Court a short while back, Adnan Sami told the media that his estranged second wife Sabah Galadri's family has had links with Osama Bin Laden. Sami was granted divorce from Sabah from the Bombay High Court on tuesday June 19 and he along with Sabah appeared before the Family Court today to settle the other personal matters like Alimony etc. He came fashionably late, got down from his Range Rover and posed for the shutterbugs as if he has just delivered a superhit film.

Adnan levied several serious charges against Sabah by stating that she is having an illegal passprt with which she got a Pan Card to do business in India. He spoke about her Portuegeese Nationality. Sami had earlier pointed a discrepancy in Sabah's passport that had the birth year as 1974 whereas her birth year is 1968. Isn't it a wee bit too late in the day to find out that your ex wife was six years older than what you thought she is. Incidentally, while the video cameras hounded Adnan, I stood behind at a distance. I saw Sabah quietly walk past the crowd surrounding Adnan. She was accompanied by another woman.

I am a fan of Adnan Sami's music. I guess its high time for him to just move on. Dude, make some lasting-music rather than washing your dirty linen in public. I guess all this drama is nothing but methods to avoid giving alimony.
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  1. Sounds pretty much likes its a complete washout for him. We see that so much in the press where people feel like they have to justify themselves to sooth their own guilt and shortcomings. Better the two part ways and move on if not grow up.

  2. I really hope he is back to making good music Margaret...he is very good there