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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Has Abhishek Been Roped In For Shahrukh's 'Happy New Year'?

It is always great fun meeting up with Abhishek Bachchan. From the moment we met today, somehow he picked up a thread of a 'Connect'. He always does that, cutting jokes with everyone around, speaking loudly, pulling up anyone who comes in his periphery. He had seen my interview with Rohit Shetty where we had discussed that maybe Abhishek's comic timing hasn't really been tapped well. He was fabulous in Dostana and now the promos of Bol Bachchan look good fun. He pulled my legs on the references to him in Rohit's interview. A fun start to the interview for sure.

He spoke on the comfort level that he shares with Ajay Devgn. They've worked together in Zameen earlier. I have taken up a few questions sent by some fans. @danabolly if you are reading this, Abhishek knows you and he exclaimed at your name. Abhishek will be shooting for Dhoom 3 in USA in August. Which city? There have been reports that Abhishek has been pencilled in by Farah Khan for Shahrukh's 'Happy New Year'. What did Abhishek say on that?

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  1. Ive always liked that guy...another one well done :-)

  2. always loved his personality! and his comic timing in movies are superb too! SO cant wait to watch DHOOM 3.. n it wud be great to see him and SRK in a movie again after KANK!