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Monday, April 23, 2012

Send Questions For Karisma Kapoor

Guys send in your questions for Karisma Kapoor at faridoon@hungama.com, faridoonshahryar@gmail.com. Will try and take a few of them.

In other news, Karan Johar's Student of the year will be releasing on October 19, 2012. The film stars Mahesh Bhatt's daughter Alia, David Dhawan's son Varun and Siddharth Malhotra. The film also stars Rishi Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt. There are cameos of Shahrukh Khan and Boman Irani.

I am writing this blog awaiting boarding announcement at the Delhi Airport. We were here this morning for covering Ajay Devgn and Anil Kapoor's Lamborghini race at the F1 Circuit racing track at Greater Noida near Delhi (in fact 'near' will be an understatement since it took the same time via cab to reach from delhi airport to the race track as it took us for reaching from mumbai to delhi). I did a joint interview with Anil and Ajay. Both are tremendous actors.

We shall be featuring the first part of Aamir Khan's exclusive interview on Satyemev Jayate tomorrow. It is always a pleasure chatting with Aamir. We shall also be featuring interviews with lyricist Prasoon Joshi (who has written the anthem of Satyamev Jayate) and Ram Sampat (composer of all 14 tracks in Satyemev Jayate).

When I spoke to Prasoon about the experience of writing 'Maa' in Taare Zameen Par, I could see his eyes welling up. He told me that the emotions expressed in the song are the same that he experienced in his childhood. I have known Prasoon for a long time (much before he earned fame in Bollywood). He remembered one of the Nazms written by my mother Professor Najma Mahmood. In fact I had set that small Nazm to music and Prasoon had liked it a lot. I don't remember the tune now, but I shall reproduce that wonderful Nazm 'Gahraiyon Ka Khauf' written by my mom:

Bahut aasan nazar aaya
Hamein us roz
Apna paniyon
Par tairte rahna
Kisi ne jab kaha
Gahraiyon mein doob kar dekho
Ki andar kya hai
To hum darr kar
Samandar ke kinaare ki taraf lapke
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  1. I know this question has been asked to Salman but I am curious if Karisma and He have talked about working together again? :)
    thanks Faridoon :) I hope you're doing well!! Love hearing about the different people you're interviewing etc...
    Sounds like a wonderful trip down memory lane with Prasoon too. That is so nice, I love times like that.
    Take care,

  2. I wouldve paid money to see that race :-P but you got to be up close & personal...

  3. Salaam sir m sorry i dont hav email ok so m writing here sir m frm Pakistan plz tell Karisma ji we luv her a lot n we hav been waiting for comeback since very long tym n we hope her new movie is superhit n also will it release in Pakistan as well? thk u sir u do great work Allah hafiz
    frm Nadeem

  4. Are you sure that Sanjay Dutt will feature in Student Of The Year? It was announced once that he might do a cameo but it was never confirmed... So do you know for sure?

  5. hey Paula whats up...It was fun Margaret...do watch the video

    Yes Ingrid...the official press release confirmed Sanjay's presence and its not a cameo

  6. please ask Karisma when will she work with Salman?