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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Big B Press Conference, Aamir And Ram-Lakhan

Mr Bachchan addressed a press conference a short while back to express his thoughts on the recent disclosure by an informant to journalist Chitra Subramanyam who blew the lid on the infamous Bofors Scandal 25 years back. The informant has stated that Mr Bachchan had no role in the Bofors scam and was wrongly implicated. Mr Bachchan expressed his relief at his honourable name getting cleared but he said that it would have been great if his father was alive to hear this.

Aamir Khan would be attending Ram Lakhan's son's marriage in Varanasi tonight.

A very hectic season of movies is about to start. Lots of big releases in the coming days. This will mean many interviews and a packed schedule of events. Should be fun.
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  1. Not being familiar with that whole scenario I can imagine he took pretty hard and very personal. It is no small thing to be implicated and your integrity is at stake. Wouldnt want that to happen to anyone on any level.

  2. What movie do you personally look forward to the most, Faridoon?

  3. Agreed Margaret

    All the films Calena :)