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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Karisma Kapoor On Salman, Aamir And Shahrukh

Interviewed Karisma Kapoor today. I waited for four hours but then this was my first interview with her and I was determined to do it anyhow. She wore a red trouser for our interview and boy she is a perfectionist for sure. During the course of the interview two people suddenly descended on us. Karisma's hair strands had to be put into place. The make up had to be perfect and the look had to be perfect. I had heard so many stories about her hard working ways but then now I experienced her perfectionist ways.

She spoke about Dangerous Ishq and how she is playing a modern girl. Why did she choose this film as her comeback vehicle? Will she be giving a tough competition to the present day heroines? Karisma answered queries from a few fans as well. So, what does she have to say about Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir? Her association with David Dhawan? What is she doing next?

I asked Vikram Bhatt if Dangerous Ishq is releasing in UK. He said, it is releasing there a week after the release in India (May 18). Karisma in my interview said its releasing in UK on May 11. I guess we should take Vikram's word. Another fan asked if its releasing in Indonesia. Vikram confirmed its releasing in Indonesia on May 11.

I met Mohit Suri later in the evening. He is busy going through the auditions for Talent Hunt for Aashiqui 2. He said that the shooting is slated to start in late May. Music, is one of the heroes of the film, according to him. And that's what they are currently working on.
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  1. OMG ...i want that interview madlyyyyyy ...
    its releasing in Pakistan pls SIR reply me wait alot for Karisma ..i want to c her In cinema .

  2. Really miss her Pls sir tell me Dangerous Ishhq releasing in PAKISTAN ?

  3. yup Dangerous Ishq is releasing in Pakistan...

    lemme package this interview properly...will share soon


    1. OMG ...sir really so so so thankfull for postive reply and u inform me about Dangerous Ishhq releasing in Pakistan so so excited now

  4. Karishma is so charming n elegant...looking forward to watch Dangerous Ishhq which has great melodies by HR.

  5. That's hilarious...no shortage of starlets is there?
    Mini-me divas are waiting in the wings :-D

  6. we Fans really wait LOLO so long ..

    she is so so dam good still ..bestest

    really wanna c her with SALLU ...missing that Pair ..

  7. Missed out on asking questions to one of my favourite actress of all times! But i glad that she is making a come back and cant wait to see DI! Looking forward to seeing your interview Faridoon m sure it was a great experience finally doing one with her! :-) Hope you are well!
    Take Care

  8. the interview posted..does not have her answers on salman, david etc??

  9. hey i do not know if you have posted the interview or not but i would love to read that interview so if you have posted it i would eternally grateful if you could upload the link for idiots like me lol. I also sincerely hope that the movie is being released in the uk as i have been waiting for this film for almost a year now to come out!!!

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