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Friday, April 6, 2012

Housefull 2 Entertains, Ishaqzaade Preponed, Karisma's Comeback

Ribtickling chavanni chhaap dialogues by Sajid-Farhad, lots of laugh-out-worthy comic situations, fun song n dance routines (Pappa and Anarkali got whistles in the cinema hall where I watched the film) and a super ode to yester year baddie Ranjeet makes Housefull 2 an enjoyable watch. Akshay is in good form but its John Abraham who pulls up a pleasant comic surprise. Heroines are props with a limited scope (Only Asin makes her presence felt in this housefull of men). Johney Lever is a delight. Chunkey Pandey is good too. Rishi-Randhir are a treat. On the flip side, the duration is too long, the racist and botox jokes are out of place. Housefull 2 is a way better entertainer than Housefull. If you enjoy mindless, unpretentious entertainment then don't miss Housefull 2. Star Rating *** 1/2 stars.

Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra's Ishaqzaade has been preponed to May 11.

Amongst the new promos, Department looks interesting and so does Shanghai. In fact Shanghai seems to be passing a statement on the politics of the country in the last few years. Emraan is experimenting with his look. Dangerous Ishq promo was special for me only because of Karisma Kapoor. The reincarnation theme doesn't seem too interesting to me but Karisma seems to be back with a steely resolve. I have never interviewed her, but I guess it should happen soon. Looking forward for sure.

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  1. Well, my favourite trailers:
    1 - Eega because it's definitely M-A-D
    2 - Department (you know why)
    3 - Shanghai
    4 - Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi (you know why)
    5 - Jannat 2
    6 - Teri Meri Kahaani
    7 - Dangerous Ishhq

  2. Would love to see you interview Karisma, Faridoon! She's one of my favorites! For me she is proof that you don't have to have a 18-20 year old to have someone young looking in a movie. She has a very youthful appearance. She looks beautiful in that trailer! :) It's sad to me that actresses like Karisma, Preity, Rani, Shilpa,to name a few, are not getting roles because of the image that past 30 is too old for a "hot" heroine. To me they are all beautiful, youthful, and talented actresses that should still be getting tons of quality acting offers. I think there are some great newer and younger actresses, but it's a shame that these women are ignored...... and that's my two cents worth.. :)

  3. Fine list Celeste

    I agree with you Paula. Karisma is a wonderful and very hard working actress. I met her during the salman Kareena joint interview for bodyguard. She looks extremely pretty even without make up....and a very simple person

  4. I am so happy Karisma is making a comeback! Before she took a break from the movies she was my favourite actress (now its PC) and she is looking amazing in the trailer and even younger! Cant wait to see her back in the movies :D