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Saturday, September 3, 2011

"What Competition Do I Have": Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan and Bipasha Basu at "I'm Not Stressed" Book launch

Here are a few highlights of what Shahrukh told the media

1) I have two stress busters. One of them is getting in front of camera, I love to do it. I love to act.

2) I think it is the greatest exercise to be able to laugh.

3) Har film ki release mujhe train kar rahi hai how I am going to let go off my daughter.

4) I have been trying to explain to my daughter that if she gets married can her husband stay with me.

5) What competition do I have. I have never thought of what others do, I only believe in what I do.

6) I've got to beat myself. Beating others is getting a standard. I am standard less.

Video Views on Bollywood Hungama of high performing videos

1) Salman-Kareena Interview: 179376
2) Kareena Interview Part 1: 133632
3) The Dirty Picture Theatrical Trailer: 372476
4) Agneepath Theatrical Trailer: 305268

The first three day Nett collection of Bodyguard is Rs 53 Crores (Approx). It has beaten the first three day Nett collections record of Dabanng (Rs 48.2 crores). Saturday (Sept 3), Sunday (Sept 4) are crucial days. The first day (Aug 31) saw collections of Rs 21 crores while the next two days (thursday, friday which were working days) saw a drop. The first weekend Nett collection of Dabangg was Rs 80 crores. At this rate, by the time sun sets on Sunday, Bodyguard would have overtaken that total. Don't be surprised if 'Bodyguard' totals Rs 100 crores in the first week.

The film has been patronised by a wide section of people but there is a certain section of people who haven't liked the film. It will be interesting how the cine goers patronise this film in terms of watching it again and again. The trend is suggesting that it may not be able to beat the overall record of 3 idiots (Rs 240 crores total nett collections) in spite of having had a record breaking start. Salman's action scenes, comedy of Rajat Rawail and the songs are fodder for repeat viewing but the absurd story has its fair share of critics amongst audience.

Here's the second part of Shahid Kapoor's Interview where he answers a few fan questions

"Amrita Rao Is My Favourite Co Star": Shahid Kapoor

Here's the first look launch of 'Agneepath'

"Bigger The Villain, Bigger The Film"

"Don't Steal My Thunder...": Katrina Kaif


  1. Regarding the SRK bit. Ever since he did the Living With A Superstar episodes I have wondered if he would ever consider doing it again or some version close to it. We have not seen for quite sometime anything closely resembling that for obvious reasons. The D'Decor and KWK were the last. Ive often wondered if he would care to continue that conversation. How have things changed? How does he see himself now? Does he feel the same way about how he views life? Maybe someday. Thanks Faridoon for keeping this format. It works. And will you be doing an interview with him regarding Ra.1 and Don2? I know it is a very long line.

  2. Thanks Margaret...yes hopefully we shall b doing interview with Shahrukh for Ra.one and Don 2