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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Katrina Shouldn't Have Apologised...": Gul Panag

An interview with Gul Panag has been pending for many months. We've interacted on twitter. And it was fun. Finally, we met today at the Bollywood Hungama Meet N Greet for Visit Finland. It was an intellectually stimulating interview. The best part about Gul is that she doesn't shy away from speaking her mind bluntly. Almost always.

Panag said that Katrina shouldn't have apologised on her Rahul Gandhi statement. She would want to join politics at some stage but acc to her one party is very corrupt while the other is communal. A strong feminist, she is trying to make a difference through her social work in creating awareness about problems faced by women.

Gul feels that the film folks are generally not taken seriously by the media or the politicians when it comes to raising voice on serious issues as the tweets or statements issued by film guys are an attempt in tokenism and little else.

She emphasised that she is more than an actress. Her pursuits like travelling, social causes, biking are very dear to her as well. On being asked why she did silly films like Hello Darling, she said that there was a difference in what was offered and what finally transpired on screen. Her next release is Fatso starring Ranvir Shourie and Purab Kohli. Like her character Naina in Turning 30, Gul would like to write a book at some point too.

It was a pleasure interacting with Gul Panag today. She talks a lot and talks fast. But chatting up with the girl with the most adorable dimples in the country was a sheer delight. And yes, there's much more to her than a very attractive personality. Her head strong nature can be a bit intimidating but there's a genuine warmth and honesty that stayed on in my mind for quite a while as I walked away..... More power to you Gul Panag.
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