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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Ra.one To Be Dubbed In German And Released Simultaniously": SRK

Returned from Ra.one music launch a short while back. Its 1 am. The three hour delay in the start of the event hasn't helped my plans at all. Aarefa and Insha are asleep and I will have to do a lot of cajoling tomorrow to make up for the late-coming today. Hmmmm...Well, the event started very late. First one hour was meant to be a televised event for Star TV. The crew went on with their dry runs even when the entire media was firmly seated and waiting patiently for the show to begin.

The event started with Shahrukh performing dance antics on 'Criminal'. He came from top and the energy was fabulous. Vishal Shekhar performed a medley of numbers from Ra.one while Arjun Rampal made his presence felt too. Shahrukh and Kareena dancing to 'Chammak Challo' were the showstoppers. Kareena looked blazing hot in her wild fire red saari. The duo once again performed to Chammak Challo when the entire media was allowed to cover the last segment of the event.

Shahrukh invited the whole team on stage and introduced each one of them very graciously. The introduction for Karan Johar with the reference to his dad Mr Yash Johar was commendable and made everyone emotional. After the launch, there was a short press conference. The questions were mainly directed towards Shahrukh. One reporter asked him why Priyanka and Sanjay Dutt were not present today considering both have done a cameo in the film. Shahrukh didn't give a clear answer and asked the reporter to just sit down. Shahrukh also told the media that Ra.one is being dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, German and other languages. All these versions will be simultaniously released on Oct 26th. The press conference was short and came to an end abruptly. Arjun Rampal and director Anubhav Sinha were not asked any questions. The media wasn't given enough time to interact with the cast-n-crew.

At the entrance of the Big studio in Film City, merchandise from Ra.one was kept for display. G.one statues, small laptops and the works. This is on the lines of Spiderman, Batman franchise and the merchandise that comes along with it. If Ra.one works, this merchandise can prove to be a money spinner. The promos of the film are looking impressive and the music is exciting too. It is very apparent that a lot of hard work has gone into making this film. The Tsunami of promotions for the film have just started. Knowing Shahrukh, he will go all out to ensure that he treads a new record breaking path.

So much for now. Till later. Gotta sleep now and think up a plan to ensure all's well tomorrow morning in my household :)


  1. I can honestly say this is one time and might be the only one that a very late start worked in my favor only because of the difference in the zones. When you guys were waiting I was working thinking about coming home and catching up on YouTube..FaceBook..Twitter and Hungama. But what I wanted to read most of all was your blog Faridoon.
    Straight to the point and no fluffing around.
    I did however catch the press conference and all of the intros you mentioned. Quite the undertaking if you ask me. It was an event with the main performances being aired at a later date. But overall I have to say it was impressive to watch all of the 'machinery' in motion over 5 years of film making and planning. It seems to have sped by. I can remember all of the pieces fit together when I recall old footage and sound bites.
    Truly the tribute paid to Yash Johar was emotional and in all their minds remembering Bobby Chawlah.
    Indeed as events unfold leading up to the release of the film will be quite amazing.
    I am so waiting in anticipation for the opportunity to see Ra. One. and remember that it was made in India.

  2. Thanks Margaret. You always notice the intent and objectivity which is nice. Yes it was a very impressive music launch. Shahrukh is not holding anything back. He is going all out all guns blazing. Maybe it can take Indian cinema to another level and get more recognition internationally too.

  3. I think Ra.One sets the stage for more ambitious projects if not collaborations in various parts of cinema throughout the world. The movie world/industry is not an easy one to penetrate. That being said if the product garners interest and is seen a new level then yes..international viewing is a given. Hopefully some of the obstacles will be addressed. Dubbing for example is not an easy process if the story line doesnt match up. That is what I watch for. All the savy marketing ploys can * I dont want to say fail* not deliver if all the dots are not connected and the quality control is lacking.
    It is not so much the piracy issue to me that makes the mark it is the quality of the product in the first place on the cinema screen.
    I noticed on the Ra One movie site that the were minor mispellings of words and maybe no one notices. But it does in my mind make a difference in presentation.
    Given however, this project being the first of its kind in Indian cinema the learning curve is set for others to follow.
    Hope you family was forgiving of you Faridoon.
    Alls Well That Ends Well...

  4. Yup Margaret, made up for everything...brought grocery, picked my daughter up from her baby sitting to ease off my wife for a day, came back early yesterday...all was well :) well, a big film is minutely dissected. Dubbing is crucial but i m sure a German fan of SRK will love to watch the film dubbed in German...maybe its not perfect but still more palatable....till the time one actually watches the film, i guess too much of conjecture is not going to be fruitful...one can pass the verdict on whether it is international standard only once it releases...

    best wishes Margaret

  5. *laughing* Point taken...a german fan probably wont care if the language & dubbing dont mix..as long as SRK gets alot of fact time :-P

    Glad you are back on track with family..

  6. Just listened to all of the music on Hungama site suffice to say it is a musical journey with all of the elements needed to propel the viewer through the movie. Vishal & Shekhar have more talent in those dormant braincells ready to fire at any moment. As for me I have offically retained a neuron called Ra.One with all the satellite neurons and synapses firing the songs from the movie.
    It is an amazing variety, a broad range of lyrics and melodies all the contributors pitching in. Who knew that Anubhav Sinha is really a latent metalhead?
    I am an outsider in terms of expectations maybe but I see the heart *H.A.R.T* of the movie in this music.
    If there happens to be a premier in Toronto that probably will the closest to North America SRK will come. But it would be nice to reignite the days when he toured although we may never see that again. So.. I will wait until I can have the opportunity to see the movie and I will definitely get hold of the cd.
    Looking forward to whatever you put up here in your blog Faridoon. As always..the best..

  7. Ya Ra.one music is impressive. I listened to all the songs n remixes yesterday. Enjoyed it. Yup ra.one promotions will be huge. no doubt about that. Thanks Margaret for ur kind words. Always.