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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breaking: Mausam Will Now Release On Sept 23

At an ongoing press conference in Bombay, Shahid Kapoor, Pankaj Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have announced that 'Mausam' has been pushed by a week. It will now release on Sept 23. The IAF has given the NOC to the film. The Censor Board had one more screening last night. The film could have been released in India on Sept 16 itself but due to the delay, it wouldn't have released overseas. To ensure that the film simultaniously releases all over the world, the release date has been pushed to Sept 23. The team feels it will give them added time to promote the film. The London leg of promotions is now on. A Premiere is being planned in Bombay on Sept 22.


  1. Hi Faridoon,
    Thanks for all these timely updates. We all appreciate it tremendously. So, does this mean IAF has given the green signal or are the Mausam team still yet to hold a screening for them?

  2. Yup IAF has given a go ahead. And Censor Board has had one more screening to review it one more time. The tough part is that on sept 30 several films r releasing. Sept 16 would have given mausam a two week window. Now they have a one week window. Content will decide the longevity in cine halls. Lets wait n watch.

  3. So happy (and immensely relieved) to hear that! Yes, I know. That's worrying. September 23rd alone has five releases now. :( ...and the 'Force' joins in the week after. Everything happens for the best, I hope. Have so much faith in this movie, so hoping it will flourish. Expectations are sky high from everyone. Only time will tell.

    Also, any idea about promotions at TIFF as it was supposed to happen today and got cancelled. It would have been a great international platform for Mausam. Is there ANY chance they could fix a new date?
    Thanks so much!

  4. Don't think TIFF can happen any more. Buzz around Mausam is good and this controversy has added to the advantage in terms of curiosity value. All depends on content now and entertainment value for commercial viability.

  5. Thank you for telling us, Faridoon, I think you are the only journalist in the world who can imagine what Shanatics are going through with this.

    I'm very happy all issues are cleared now, and sad about the delay for the reasons you and Nikki mentioned.

    Also, personally, I'm devastated. Mausam is the first BW movie I get to watch in a cinema ever, and I was over the moon and had it all organised to watch it first day first show, which cannot happen anymore, b/c I can't watch in on 23rd. Here's fingers crossed my friend gets a babysitter and we can go watch it on 24th :)[It wouldn't be a problem if I could just watch it in my local cinema, but there's only one cinema in Austria that shows it, so it involves a road trip]

    Why did the Censor Board need to see it twice? *curious* And honestly, what would have been the problem for the IAF to give the NOC last week? There haven't been made any changes so far, right? So when they trust them to change it now, why not last week?

    Ok, gotta stop now before I get too frustrated again.

  6. Well Calena, i wasn't present at the press con today. My info is based on what our reporter Zoheb and cameraman Tahir told me. What they told me is that IAF had an issue with graphics in a scene of 30 sec in the film. IAF wanted the graphics removed from the scene. Once the computer graphics were removed, IAF gave it a clean chit. The scene was not cut. Censor Board saw it again as they have to see the film in its final form. Hope it clears the air. Hope u get to see the film in Austria. Do share ur experience. All the best!

  7. Hello! Thanks for all the info, so accurate. I wanted to ask you if you know if Mausam will be releasing any where here in America? and what cities? who knows..I might be able to travel to see Mausam! Im so happy for Mausam's team every thing is cleared now even though release date will be a little after the previous given date...thx for your excellent reports!

  8. Hi faridoon.. Thanks for the detailed description.. and earnest replies... i guess all shanatics along with the man himself Shahid kapoor, agrees that you are the best journalist out there.. with no gossips, only facts.. even shahid acknowledges it all the time, that it is most fun to be interviewed by you than anyone else. u always know the best questions to ask and always give our love to Shahid.

    Although, IAF concerns about the scenes have been in news for some time now, but i still hoped that the film would release on 16th.

    I am waiting for mausam for over an year now, and as the release date was getting closer, i was nervous and anxious, as equally as Sasha and the team, coz i really want mausam to be a blockbuster, as Shahid really needs a big hit.

    But i dont think, movies like Force, are competition to mausam. Mausam has its own era, moreover both the films cater to different audiences.

    All said and done, 16th sept or 23rd sept, or any other date, I am going for the movie 1st day 1st show.

    Pls convey my love to shahid, whenver you meet him, and tell him that a gal named mahima, prays for him every day of her life, and wish him all the happiness and love in life, coz he truly deserves it all. Thanks Faridoon.pls pls pls convey my msg, i will be waiting to hear my name in ur next interview with him

  9. Thank you again, for explaining.
    And if/when I see Mausam, y'all have a hard time shutting me up about it. :D It's gonna be epic!

  10. Belinda, i m not aware of the US cities where mausam will be releasing. But if u search on internet u shall get to know. Thanks Mahima. Looking forward to hearing from u Calena.


  11. Good morning Faridoon! thx for replying. Actually i did googled it and the only American Country that they mentioned will be premiering Mausam will be Canada...was hoping i could travel to any city to enjoy the film. Please if you learn something in that regard, would you please let me know?? Im too far away but Love Shahid!..Have a great rest of the day!..respectfully, Belinda Ruiz from Colorado,USA.

  12. Faridoon , I know its really shocking for all the fans that mausam release has been postponed by a week. Although the news is sad, but the good thing is that even with the release date postponed to 23rd, mausam has a clear week all for itself, as all the releases on 23rd are small budget films like Speedy Singhs, and U R my jaan, which can’t even be compared to the big budget and star power of Shahid’s mausam. Even in the next wk, on 30th sept, all films releasing seems to amall budget movies, like Chrgesheet, hum tum shabana, na jaane kabse, sahib biwi aur gangster, tere mere pher. The only big budget movie releasing that wk is Force. But I think , that these two films are very different from each other, and are based on totally different subjects, They cater to totally different audience. The star power of Mausam is much more bigger than Force. With only small budgets films releasing, I think mausam will have a spectrum of 2 wks all for itself, and this definitely gives an extra advantage to mausam.

  13. Thx Faridoon! i have faith in you...im so exited! crossing fingers for you to give me good news!!! gracias!!(thank you so much in spanish)..warm regards, Belinda.

  14. Dear Faridoon, I wanted to share my excitement with you: I just booked my tickets for Mausam for the 24th, in Vienna, Austria. I can't wait! I'm like a little kid with 4 days to go before Christmas :)

    How are you? You haven't blogged in a while. Though I don't comment on non Mausam stuff (mostly due to time restrictions, it's super-busy here), I enjoy reading all your blog posts.

    Much love,

  15. Looking forward to your review Calena...

    best wishes