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Friday, September 30, 2011

Force: An Impactful Masala Entertainer

At the early morning show of 'Force' at a suburban multiplex here in Bombay, the almost-full-hall reverberated with occasional whistles (specially in the first half) as John Abraham put his mutton-shop-muscles to good use in decimating whatever opposition that came his way. Director Nishikant Kamath, after the superb 'Mumbai Meri Jaan', is back with action drama 'Force' (remake of South import Kaakha Kaakha) that carries his intelligent stamp (and yes the shortcomings can be blamed on the 'commercial compulsions'). Smart back-n-forth switches in storytelling and a studied attempt at showcasing 'Masala' in a realistic manner makes 'Force' interesting watch.

ACP Yashwardhan (John) is spearheading the Narcotics Control Bureau. He along with his 'Force' aim to wipe out the drug mafia. One of the kingpins Reddy (Mukesh Tiwari) is killed by the 'Force'. His maniac brother Vishnu (Vidyut Jamwal) goes after the four good men. Action director Allan Amin has a crucial role in the film. His kick ass action ensures the fast paced narrative pumps in pounds of adrenaline. John Abraham, with his beefed up persona is sincerity personified. This is arguably his best performance. Action or emotion...John packs in a solid punch.

Ayananka Bose's cinematography is competent. The songs have been shot beautifully. Khwabon Khwabon is a fine song. In fact Harris Jayraj's music is consistently good. But the songs tend to drag the film and deviate from the fast flow of the story telling. Mohnish Bahl's wife Sandhya Mridul is stopped by Vishnu and suddenly John-Genelia go in a romantic mode killingly delaying the suspense and needlesly alter the mood.

Ritesh Shah's writing is inconsistent. The scene where John confronts his senior Raj Babbar after a colleague's death creates an impact but when Sandhya Mridul tells John on phone, "now go lose your virginity" one gets a corny feeling. After causing colossal damage, Vishnu, in the climax scene gives ample time to Yashwardhan to brood over his loss. Why give away your life on a platter dude? Aarif Shaikh's editing boasts of cool editing chops. If only he was given the luxury of chopping a couple of songs or at least reducing their duration, he'd have been on a sound wicket.

Genelia Dsouza has a cute role and she does full justice to it. The romance between John-Genelia is endearing to start with but the extra footage given to the blossoming mohabbat derails the narrative of the film. Mohnish Bahl is good. New boy Vidyut Jamwal is quite a find. 'Agneepath' director Karan Malhotra at the promo launch had said, "bigger the villain, bigger the film". Vidyut proves the statement right. He is mean, deadly, uncharacteristiscally good looking, suave and has a terrific solid body. John's aide Kamlesh is a super find as well. He brings in some lighthearted comic moments in the film.

Nishikant Kamat's 'Force' is a full on masala action flick that entertains and amuses. Yes, there are shortcomings too. But, if you are a sucker for full on commercial entertainment, 'Force' won't disappoint you.

Star Rating: ***
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  1. Thanks for your review Faridoon :)
    I like Genelia and John and the Promos looks great.
    Unfortunately, Force will be not released in Germany, but I'll buy the Hindi DVD!

  2. I truly loved Force... And I agree with you Faridoon sir, Genelia did justice to her character... She knew how to mix 'bubbly & mature'. John really understood how to handle a character like 'Yash', he really played with all his heart. Hats off to his performance, it'll definately be in my top 3 of John Abraham's movies. I was happily impressed! :D

    and I loved how 'Khwabon Khwabon' came at the perfect moment in the movie, it couldn't have been more perfect!

    So in one sentence, 'Force is a well made movie,and it deserves to get attention.' :)