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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who's The Favourite Twitter Celebrity?

It happened one night. Or rather, it happened day before when I woke up very early morning and had this urge to check up twitter on blackberry. In fact, I had woken up with this idea of putting up a poll of Favourite Celebrity on twitter. Generally I just check the tweets and go back to sleep but then I thought why not put up this poll right now. The moment I did, there was herculean activity all around me and tweets started flying. It continued for over 24 hrs as fans urged others to stand up for their favourite stars. Here are the results. But I must add, that these results are reflective of people who are following me and need not be the general trend in the twitter world. I have personally tabulated all the votes with care and precision to the best of my ability.

Salman Khan: 106
Shahrukh Khan: 81
Shahid Kapoor: 71
Vivek Oberoi: 39
Priyanka Chopra: 25
Hrithik Roshan: 26
Amitabh Bachchan: 15
Abhishek Bachchan: 15
Anupam Kher: 7
Rahul Khanna: 11
Sonam Kapoor: 4
Celina Jaitley: 5
Mahesh Bhatt: 3
Imran Khan: 5
Arjun Rampal: 4
Boman Irani: 4
Akshay Kumar: 3
Kunal Kapoor: 2
Bipasha Basu: 2

There were a few more celebrities who got a single or maybe two votes and I haven't mentioned them here to avoid clutter. Yes, obviously I haven't included myself (even though there were several votes for me) as I would rather bring you the Info rather than celebrate myself. One guy whom I will start following after this poll is Rahul Khanna as there is an overwhelming number of you guys who seem to be loving his funny tweets. Find below, a few of your tweets describing why you like a particular celebrity:

1) rube80 @Faridoon_S Although my fav celeb on Twitter is Salman Khan but my fav indian Twitter user is Mahesh Bhatt! A fearless wise n honest man!

2) SRKismyAngel

@Faridoon_S SRK. He comes everyday & actually chats w/us. He showers us w/his unconditional love & makes our lives beautiful beyond belief.

3) zany82

@Faridoon_S my fav celeb on twitter is salmankhan coz he doesn't suck up 2 anyone like other celeb do he tell like it's we his fan luv him

4) @Cadburylove said:

@Faridoon_S *Disclaimer* - Only read when you have time, because it is a bit lengthy .... We have the finest actors in the showbiz industry and I like certain people's performances over others. For eg, I like SRK/Aamir/Abishek/Priyanka/Deepika. However I just happened to 'click' with Shahid. Now I am compelled to say why I am Shahid's fan. That is something that will cross all borders. I cannot merely express my love and admiration for him in 140 words or even 14000 words for that matter. But here goes my 2cents.

Shahid is amazing, thoughtful and his answers are always filled with honesty and yet at the same time are diplomatic. He can take contructive crtisicm and use it to for the better. His dedication and focus during his work is worth admiring. He is true to all his beliefs and values he stand. He is such an influential figure to all and has a great emotional depth within him.I used to think what was that made me turn into such a big fanatic. His humility, his dynamic dancing skills or his incredible performance which he manages to surpass at every level? - It was all that, but also how he manages to stay grounded and his unconditional love to his friends and family was probably what set him apart.

To reach in a successful position in showbiz, It takes endurance, it takes dedication, and it comes with failures along the journey. Many give up, many let go. But he didn’t. He chose to persevere. Even after achieving that goal, he dared to challenge himself more. He knew he had the potential. Kaminey was his second birth as an actor. It takes a lot of courage to risk the familiar sense of security and to embrace something new. But he did it.

In saying all this, don't think I am blindly stating that Shahid is perfect. He's human, he would make mistakes. Magar by taking those mistakes and turning it into a learning experience - He earned my respect =)

5) shakolan

@Faridoon_S How much times do I have to vote for SRK??? Count it 1000000times for him! ;o)))) SRK is my fav twitter, Im here coz of him

6) Supritha sunshine_sup

@Faridoon_S It should defi be our Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra!!!!!! Joined in here just for her :))


@Faridoon_S HRITHIK ROSHAN-A TRU SUPERSTAR .. his honest face.. his puree heart.. his dedication towards his work... AAH HE IS A SUPERSTAR

8) UditaMadan

@Faridoon_S My fave tweet celeb would definitely have to be Vivek Oberoi, because, he really respects his fans & makes them feel special too

I had a lot of fun doing this poll. Hope you enjoyed it as well. We shall repeat this poll maybe three months down the line. If you have suggestions for polls that you'd want me to do, feel free to let me know about them. Cheers!


  1. @Faridoon_S my all the time hero is Vivek Oberoi...he's not just star he's such a nice human been..very down to earth and he spread happiness wherevr he is..he's a gem in bollywood..luv to sweet VO

  2. love u salman ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he is on the top and will b.........u rock salman

  3. I love you Salman he is the best on the whole planet. And he will rock for ever.

  4. salman khan is the real king khan


  6. Salman Khan always the best starred in films and charity work, editing and drawing is always the best