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Sunday, June 27, 2010

June Update: Pathbreaking Films Of 2010

The definition of Pathbreaking cinema for me is the category of films that pushes the envelope in terms of the story idea, the director's aim is not merely to maximise profits by inserting gimmicks and items but to present a radical new thought. And yes the technical sheen of the film and the performances also take a pathbreaking film to a new level. No, I don't confuse it with 'Art' cinema. A pathbreaking film can be one of the biggest hits of the year as well.

In the year 2010 so far three films merit the label of 'Pathbreaking cinema'. First one is 'My Name Is Khan'. For, Karan Johar dared to break out of his comfort zone and present a wonderful new world of Rizvan Khan. It tried to break the stereotyping of people based on religion, culture, cast and race. All the actors played their part very well and the technical nuances of the film were wonderful. Shahrukh Khan ended up superbly enacting a role that is an anti-thesis of the traditional 'hero' roles that he has mostly been associated with (barring a Chak De India or Swades).

'Well Done Abba' saw Boman Irani touching new heights as an actor. An upmarket Parsi guy playing a Hyderabadi Muslim from a lower strata of the society with such finesse was nothing short of brilliant. Minissha Lamba pitched in with a very fine performance as well. Writing of the film was first rate throughout. And it establishes my strong belief that good writers inspire great cinema. More than anything else.

'Love Sex Aur Dhokha' for me is the best film of the year so far. The film doesn't depend on big stars. It shows the strength of a wonderful script woven in style. Dibakar Banerji is a mindblowing director. Eagerly awaiting his next.

In the forthcoming days a few of the films, which I feel may prove to be pathbreaking are the following:

Lamhaa: Rajat Dholakia is a director who doesn't seem to be coloured by the commercial mayhem of movie making. His last film 'Parzania' has been widely applauded. And when you see the promos of 'Lamhaa' you get to see a raw power and unmitigated energy that reeks of honesty. Shooting a film in Kashmir must have been one hell of a task. Music is refreshing and the camera work looks super.

Peepli Live: If Aamir Khan can give one year of his life after delivering the biggest hit of his career to promoting his productions, the films must be worth it. 'Peepli Live', directed by journalist turned filmmaker Anusha Rizvi, has already been lauded at international festivals. Khan has devised a strategy with which he shall be releasing the film in European countries as well. Those who've seen the film, say even though it doesn't have recognised faces, it's an entertaining film with a strong message. I predict it will also do well at the Box Office.

Dhobi Ghaat: Directed by Kiran Rao, 'Dhobi Ghaat' stars Aamir, Prateik Babbar and two girls. Argentinian composer Gustavo is composing music and its the only film of the year where Aamir, the actor will be toasted by the audience. There's speculation that the recent Ad shot by Aamir in a village bumkin garb is the starting point for his 'Dhobi Ghaat' promotions. Not much is known about the film. But yes, both the Critics and the Trade guys are sure that this one will be one of the movies to watch out for in 2010.

Udaan: This UTV and Anurag Kashyap production has earned laurels at Cannes and its young director Vikramaditya Motwane is being hailed by the industry as the next-big-find. Promos of this film have been generating a lot of curiosity. It seems like a film that is both entertaining as well as critically sound in all the departments. Moreover, no known names which means its banking on a good story, wonderful direction and innovative promotions.

Guzaarish: Sanjay Leela Bhansali teaming up with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan. Obviously, its a ready made commercial hot property. But with Bhansali's penchant for the Artistic, 'Guzaarish' is eagerly anticipated for a fresh story, execution and solid performances.

Saat Khoon Maaf: This may well be the once-in-a-lifetime role for Priyanka Chopra with all the disguises and shades of her character in the film. It's a Vishal Bharadwaj film and the man is a powerhouse of talent. Rest assured, the music will be timeless. Also there are some outstanding male actors in the film. as well. Definitely a film that can be trend setting for sure.

Do you agree with my choices? Do you have a few more films that you think can qualify for 'Pathbreaking Films of 2010'. Do share your thoughts, opinions and names.


  1. Well i guess Lafangey Parindey by Pradeep Sarkar starring Neil N. Mukesh and Deepika Padukone is also one of the most anticipated films of the year.


  3. Well Aisha is gonna be one fresh film which shall take us to a fashionista ride--a rom-com which will truly redefine style and fashion

  4. Very well written, and completely agree with the choices. The TRUE pathbreaking film of 2010, so far, is LOVE SEX AUR DHOKA and I hope I do not need to tell you why.


  5. Definitely Guzaarish ...Hrithik is playng a character of paraplegic in the film and its gonna be somethng outstanding once again..Aishwarya is also playng a very different role..n above all Hrithik-Ash chemistry n SLB's passion making this film the most awaited and def it will b a pathbreaking cinema

  6. Nice choices but its too early to comment on the movies which have not yet release...Expectations were also high from "Raavan" which proved to be a dud and "Kites" which promised the first indian film to be fully international...Anyways the one movie i m waiting for is definitely 'Guzaarish' from Mr.Bhansali....

  7. Ok Faridoon...read ur tweet...In terms of pathbreaking film...i guess 'Zindagi Milegi na Dobara' can prove to be a good contender...It has a bunch of talented actors like Hrithik,Farhan and Abhay and i m expecting some magic as of "Dil Chahta Hain" which was path breaking for Indian Cinema....

  8. i think DABANGG gonna be rock........

  9. Yes, though the film didn't do well, Raavan should be included as well. Kites on the other hand (editing wise) reminded me a lot of Gangster.

  10. A lot of u have suggested, 'Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara'..I think it is a good contender. Raajneeti is a regular masala film and most certainly doesn't qualify as a pathbreaking film. The formula has been used hundreds of times before. Raavan is a pathbreaking film in negative sense...how a brilliant director loses his way completely and turns up with a slow, boring, illogical film that doesn't entertain at all. Yes, I think Aisha maybe trendsetting, but too early to say that as we haven't seen much of it.

    Thanks for ur wonderful feedback guys..

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  12. How u can forget Love Sex Aur Dhokha as a pathbreaking film of 2010.

  13. how about Endhiran (The robot) isnt it a path breaking movie already it has broken the record of the highest budgeted movie in india :)

  14. Anything and everything coming out of AKP (aamir khan produuctions) will be pathbreaking. Even the Excel Entertaintment (Farhan Akhtar & Ritesh Sidhwani) has given us refreshingly different genres of movies everytime. So 'Game' ,'ZMND' and '3 mistakes adaptation' can be included in the list. And also, all the movies backed by UTV (Motion Pictures and UTV Spotboy) can be looked forward with anticipation.
    I am personally looking forward to Peepli Live and Udaan, and also the screen adaptation of 3 mistakes of my life, which may well be released next year.

  15. First of all - very well written! I completely agree with your introduction, the first two paragraphs. Adding: For me a pathbreaking film has to have the oomph factor in such an intense and ludicrous sense that it amazes you what redefined and daring acts of all the many sections of filmmaking you experience while watching. It can be any genre but it has to literally be ´breaking a path´, taking your breath away for this cause and maybe encourage you to change your point of view on the many ways a film rolls out and your expectations for the next ones.
    Well, since it was released on 1st January I would wish, that ´Natarang´ is included in the list. Imo, that is such a pathbreaking film of 2010, not only in terms of the subjects it deals with at the same time (surely no one remembers similar films with this background of the 50´s/60´s when those things were made a point), but also for the way it was made – exceptionally simple, without big names! I was taken aback in a very smooth manner. ´Love, Sex Aur Dhokha´ + ´Well Done Abba´ are yet to be seen the next days, but I have the feel LSD will appeal to me in exactly the way you named it pathbreaking.
    I totally agree with your choice of films that is ´Lamhaa´, ´Peepli Live´ and ´Udaan´ as forthcoming pathbreakers. Can´t say that about the other three as I know too little about them.
    Thank you for picking up this topic, was great to discuss on!

  16. what about red alert which got rave review across all critics including taran adarsh / new york times / Germany ...dont let this movie go unnoticed faridoon !!!