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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Salubrious Virginity

Coquettish rain
Making love to
Salubrious virginity,
Tea leaves
Brewing merrily,
Many a cups
Are not enough
To satiate
The thirst
For warm creativity.

Tree leaves
Near my window,
Are like the
Serene Violins
Teased by the
Rainy austerity
Of woodwinds.

The Air Conditioner
Is finally off,
The sweat has
Drizzled away
With cloud's tears
In copious rivulets.

There's a new reason
To celebrate life,
There should always
Be an excuse
To celebrate life
And just have some fun.


  1. Lovely!
    All the best!

  2. Lovely peom..loved the last para especially!

  3. Thanks Sita-ji and Don...glad u liked it :)

  4. Lovely one!The lines
    "Serene Violins
    Teased by the
    Rainy austerity
    Of woodwinds."

    reflect a refined sense of imagination.The first 3 stanzas are very poetically stylish while the last stanza just brings it all back to reality.Liked it a lot.

  5. Thanks Akarsh and Shrishti..glad u liked the poem so much...appreciate ur detailed analysis Akarsh..cheers!