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Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Its Nice To Say 'Thanks'?

Well, here's a small conversation that I had with my friend here:

wow, wat logic man RT @Srk_Fan25 @Faridoon_S Everyone is actor in this world..everyone has diff roles and goals..Yes thats make u a Celeberity.. :-D


@Faridoon_S..Should i say thanx or not?? cause sometimes it feels like "saying thanx to someone is like aapne koi ehsaan kiya ho "..

Now, I would like to narrate a small story that has helped me a lot in life. And makes a lot of sense. Why is it important to say 'Thanks'? Well, once upon a time, famous English writer Rudyard Kipling (the guy who wrote 'IF') met up with a journalist in a party. The journalist said, "Mr Kipling, I've heard that your words are precious and each word that you speak is worth 100 Pounds. So, here is a 100 Pounds note, please give me a word that's worth it." Rudyard Kipling smiled, gently took the 100 Pound note from the journalist, put it in his pocket, looked up, smiled and said: "Thanks".

If you say Thanks to anyone it is not as if someone has done a favour to you. It's a gracious acknowledgment that cements your bond further. Saying 'thanks' or 'sorry' is a sign of good manners and makes you amiable and likable. Nothing wrong with that. Isn't it!

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  1. Wow a very usefull story..Thanx Faridoon :)