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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Quest For After-Life, Big B Mania In Cairo

Mr Amitabh Bachchan created a hysterical spell at the press conference at Marriott Hotel in Cairo today. The Egyptian media caused a stampede as they wanted to capture Mr Bachchan on their video/still/mobile cameras. It wasn't as if the media was there to interact, it was a bunch of mad fans who must have been waiting for many years to get a a taste of the real 'Mard'. There was a time when it seemed they shall get too-close-for-comfort as far as Mr Bachchan is concerned. Some people fell down too. Big B as usual was gracious and a symbol of humility. Personally I have never witnessed such a response at any press conference in my career so far, and I have attended many press conference in various parts of the world.

I may not have been apparently too keen while moving around in the historic Cairo Museum today but I was trying to absorb a lot more than the facts that were shelled out to me. Tatunkhamen died when he was 18 years old but he earned phenomenal fame because of the way his dead remains were preserved or the 11 kg gold headgear that was prepared for him post his death. The statues at the museum had left feet forward symbolising a step towards After-Life.

Somehow I find this entire emphasis on After-Life funny specially when you are told about vain Kings who preserved the remains of their servants so that they can serve them once they enter their 'After-Life'. It is amazing how 4000 year old artifacts are preserved so brilliantly.

In the evening I witnessed magic at the light and sound show in the cradle of the glorious Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. Mr Amitabh Bachchan launched the 'India by the Nile' festival here. It was a unique experience to watch the craze around Big B from the who's who of Cairo. The fact that we were surrounded by history worth thousands of years made it even more special. .

We are going to Alexandria tomorrow. I think it will be a very interesting trip.


  1. Love to read your post. Keep sharing.

  2. Your Mr. B. is a megaStar. He is beyond legend! He is intelligent, literate, multi-lingual, well spoken, well written, a

  3. A social media phenom, and oh by the way he's an actor, singer and dancer. I think I hit the highlights of Sr. B.

  4. Forgot all his social work as an advocate to erase polio and TB from India. One can tell I am deeply impressed by this humanitarian.

  5. Thanks Rupam and S B Rogers...yes Mr Bachchan is phenomenal and still so down to earth...