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Friday, April 3, 2015

Spellbound by the dreamers of Luxor in Egypt

Luxor is a quaint city in Egypt, around an hour's flight away from Cairo. We reached at 6 am and shifted to Steigenberg Nile Palace Hotel. It is a heritage hotel with a very interesting architectural design. Nile flows behind it and its a gorgeous site to see the boats floating past in an unhurried manner. I treated myself to a swim in the hotel pool and I was refreshed and raring to go.

After lunch we headed to Karnak Temple. It was founded in 3200 BC and several big Hollywood films have been shot here. Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif shot for the song 'Jee Karda' from 'Singh is Kinng' at this gorgeous location. The statues and the architectural design is very captivating. More importantly it is very inspiring. I am sure it will remain embedded in my mind for ever.

Luxor Temple surprised me even more though my first impression about it was that it seems similar to Karnak. As the evening set in and a delightfully pollution-free-blue covered the sky, watching the majestic structures became an absolute pleasure. Somehow the history behind a historical place holds a limited appeal for me. It is the inspirational-quotient in the architecture that stays with me. I know today's experience will help me in honing my perfectionist streak. One must strive to leave behind an indelible mark, the way dreamers, many years ago, managed to do. So successfully.

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  1. You are leaving an amazing record behind of interviews, written word musings as well as mellifluous musical recordings. Thank you!