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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nature's Delight 'Nile'; King's Valley, Brilliance of 'Hatshepsut Temple'

A breakfast by the Nile is surely a wonderful way to start the day. The pleasantness of the placid waters is a treat and I shall savor it for ever. Our first stop was 'Valley of the Kings'. The moment we entered the terrain, dotted with ancient yellow hills on the sides, it filled me with a curiosity to what-will-follow-next!
The 'Valley of the Kings' is a picturesque location for the kings to have found their tryst with After-life. It is amazing how people in the ancient times communicated through pictorial depictions. The Pyramids are a lot older than the tombs that we saw here. The mark of development is the use of colours in pictorial communication. Small birds, snakes, human form etc. I made friends with all the guards at the various entrances. 

The 'Hatshepsut Temple' has a fascinating aura around it. A huge flight of stairs leads up to the top. I, along with Tahir ran up on full speed. Great cardio, I must say. We had an interesting discussion with our knowledgeable guide Sheriff Hassan on the tools that were used in carving the ancient statues. The pictorial depiction on the walls was designed on some other source before the final engravings. Sai, a member of our media group introduced me to one of the guards by saying that I have interviewed Salman Khan. I showed the guard a picture of mine with Salman and I was treated like a King by him.

We had our lunch on the terrace of an Egyptian restaurant. I had a very interesting discussion with Mr Jay Mandal, a renowned Photographer who came from USA for covering 'India by the Nile' festival. He spoke about his long stint with the biggest of Presidents and Prime Ministers from all around the world. The best part of travelling is the people that you come across and how they enrich your outlook and knowledge.

The Felucca ride on a sail boat was my first tryst with Nile and I genuinely hope that I shall get many more opportunities in the future. I did the touristy thing of putting my hand in the water and feeling the cool green sensation. Observing the setting sun amidst the quiet and serene ambience was very relaxing. I am sure my mother would have loved it. For, she is very close to the nature and it was she who inculcated this love for the 'Natural' in me.

In the evening we did some shopping. I find it really wonderful since the people here are extremely warm, friendly and loving. Yes the poverty is a cause of concern amongst quite a big section of the people. Also its a reasonably liberal society. I heard Arabic music blaring out of a taxi. Even though I don't drink but alcohol is available at certain restaurants without any restrictions. As for me, I've treated myself to the aroma-filled Mint tea throughout my stay here. And I've loved it. Luxor has been fun. I shall be going back to Mumbai tomirrow. The memories will linger on.