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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The most memorable day of my life

It has been one of the most memorable days of my life. I was privileged to get up close and personal with the wonderful Sphinx and other magnificent Pyramids here in Cairo, Egypt. The ancient history that runs in thousands of years and why these Pyramids were built, the fear-n-preparations for after-life and the sturdy architecture that has stood the test of time...I absorbed it all with baited breath. Ironically, the sad state of Egyptian economy is a cause of concern. The souvinir vendors outside the Pyramids were willing to sell their wares at dirt cheap prices. Their desperation was palpable. I genuinely hope the Tourism industry picks up again.

We ate Koshary for Lunch, a very fine Egyptian delicacy. Its an Egyptian equivalent of Pasta. Very spicy and extremely tasty. We relaxed in the afternoon in our hotel. I swam for the second time during the day and it was very relaxing.

In the evening we went to Cairo Opera House where a Bollywood Dance workshop was taking place. Many Egyptian youngsters grooved to Bollywood songs. We moved over to Mariott Hotel where Mr Bachchan is staying. A very excited Indian community enthusiastically met Mr Bachchan and narrated their heartfelt views about him. Obviously Big B was overwhelmed. Later he was felicitated by the Egyptian community at India House. Nile river wafted along at one side of India House. It was sublimely pleasant and soothing to see quiet boats saunter along on the lighted water of History. I interviewed Mr Bachchan and it was wonderful talking to Big B. It was even more special because since yesterday I've met so many Egyptians who love him like crazy. It was wonderful chatting him up. It was great to see him happy. He also spoke about being conferred upon with Padma Vibhushan. I told him, I'll be happiest when he will be conferred upon with Bharat Ratna. If anyone deserves it then its him. Hope it happens.

I am writing this in the Bus close to midnight as we are speeding towards the hotel. I am so tired that I couldn't have written the diary on reaching the hotel. I am glad I could complete writing today's account even as my eyes are threatening to shut down :-)


  1. Faridoon ji, Awesome pic with AB SIR.
    Nice to read your posts #IndiaByTheNile, Thanks for sharing photos/updates on twitter. Thank you.

    Rupam { @xhobdo }

  2. We are proud of your writing skills and ability to narrate a simple but appealing blog. Excellent writeup and great share

  3. Amazing stuff Faridoon, thank you for making us a part of it too. Am sure you are more overwhelmed than tired. Take care and be safe. Can't wait for you to resume #TalkingFilms.

  4. The sights and sounds of the day are burned into your memory to review at leisure another time